Believe me or not,NCL- Nucleus Blockchain just made a world record for running a lowest ICO period of only 2.30 hours! today NCL make their announcement on bitcointalk that they just started an ICO over the c-cex exchange platform for 1 month period of time. As soon as the announced was made about NCL project,all coins was sold out within 2.3 hours! there is 75 million total coin supply including the dev fund and all of them are sold within few hours! this is the lowest ICO period which will be the world record in ico history. check this out,    276+ BTC volume within few hours and ico price was jumped to 1k sat to 3k right now. the base price was 1000 satosi and now NCL is trading between 2.5k-3k satosi eacgh coin! some people made immediate money right after they bought ico coins from c-cex.

what exactly this NCL project supposed to be?some people say its a scam,pump/dump coin bla bla bla.

Lets have a look about the Project & Concept Paper:

Nucleus is a membrane-enclosed organelle found in eukaryotic cells according to cell biology.Nuclei contain most of the cell's genetic material, organized as multiple long linear DNA molecules in complex with a large variety of proteins, such as histones, to form chromosomes. The genes within these chromosomes are the cell's nuclear genome. The function of the nucleus is to maintain the integrity of these genes and to control the activities of the cell by regulating gene expression—the nucleus is, therefore, the control center of the cell. The main structures making up the nucleus are the nuclear envelope, a double membrane that encloses the entire organelle and isolates its contents from the cellular cytoplasm, and the nucleoskeleton (which includes nuclear lamina), a network within the nucleus that adds mechanical support, much like the cytoskeleton, which supports the cell as a whole.

Exactly as what happens in cell biology Nucleus blockchain technology allows the use of a kernel infrastructure which is based on blockchain as a service. DNAB (decentralised no authority blockchain) is the core of Nucleus and it represent a blockchain capable of multi currencies and multi tokens support: this means that you can use all the kind of coins and tokens/assets to be exchanged and transacted on the same unique blockchain. Amazing, isn't it?

i hared that a big chines company purchased 15% of total share during the ICO,so there might been some pump and dump manipulated by those chines share holders.whatever,they are now holding the lowest ico period ever happened in crypto industry and raised over 250 btc+ within 2 n half hours!
you can visit their official website : or
Read their blog post :
Most impressing part for this project is,basically multi currencies support is simply given by rpc interactions with other blockchains daemons. In example Nucleus can connect to both Ethereum & Litecoin blockchain via rpc calls, sync as SPV (so there is no needing of downloading the whole blockchain for every currency supported) and allows users to interact with the selected currencies/tokens on Nucleus blockchain itself. This can be done thanks to our DNAB algorithm, the specialised core of Nucleus. DNAB is still under heavy development but we already successfully ran many tests with currencies such Ethereum, Expanse, Litecoin, Dogecoin and a few more. DNAB uses the core sync nodes of each currency / token to avoid connecting to fake or wrong chains.
Few words from a member who made super fast profits that will never happen again with any crowdfunding program.''Cant believe that this thing was sold out. I was hesitate to buy at first however I thought why not it was only 1k sats and I did purchased 0.1 btc worth of NCL and didnt realize it was sold out and I kinda sold all my NCL away at 1500 sats, cant deny that this is a fast profit that even I didnt expect"

NCL dev has planned to open trading after 28th sep,but after seeing this tremendous support from the community, NCL is open for  trading on 
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