Hello , i want to share my experience about the first time i got my first satoshi in bitcoin world.

I've heard about bitcoin in 2013 , where i searched about "How to make free money" and i got the blog about bitcoin in Indonesian . After i read all the posts , i was curious about bitcoin and how it works. So i learned about bitcoin by time and time , after a while for getting my first satoshi . I gave it a try with this site Bitvisitor

is the largest bitcoin faucet from 2014 where you get paid from watching 5 min advertisements (not ad-forced) , and the reward per advertisements is 1 bits - 16 bits depends on type of advertisements and the revenue it has. Minimum payout to withdraw is 30 bits and the payout will be automatically running after reached the point.

*1 bits = 100 satoshi = 0.000001 BTC

Ok , let's try how it works :

1. Go to Bitvisitor.com , and you'll see the interface like the picture above.

2. Next , paste your bitcoin address to the Bitcoin Address Box. And then click Submit

3. You can see in the picture below , for this time advertisement you'll get 6.4 bits (640 satoshi) after you finished watching the advertisement (once again the advert isn't ad-forced) , solve the captcha and click visit for the next step.

4. After the page fully loaded , you can see the timer in upper left menu will moving and you must see in 5 min , but as i stated before isn't ad-forced you can still working your different stuff out there while you waiting this advertisement ended. And in center menu you can see the balances progress. I only have 11.2 bits from 30 bits threshold

5. And after the timer runs out , Next button will be appeared . Click next button in upper right menu.

6. And done , your reward have been credited into your balances and you can still watching advertisement if you want it . And the reward now is 5.6 bits ( you can do this until reached 30 bits and you can try again without limit / day)

Ok , thanks for reading my post . Hope my article might be helpful for you