Finally upcoming traders and newbies as related to trading can have a great advantage when it comes to trading. This can all be possible with convesting ico. What is Convesting? Convesting is a platform for copy-trading is designed to make life easier for people who want to invest in the crypto-currency market. It allows you to copy trade from successful traders and make a big profit with zero trading knowledge. On this platform there are experienced traders and investors. Investors are provided with information on trade transactions of traders. They can choose the most successful trader, subscribe to it and automatically copy it through their office. At the same time, the investor makes a profit, the trader whose actions you copied receives a percentage of the profit that you received. Also,Convesting’s platform received its percentage for the whole process. One of the main reasons why cryptocurrency market is still avoided by most of the investors is high risk and volatility of it. Especially inexperienced traders can lose a great percent of their assets by making just a few wrong trade moves on cryptocurrency market. On the other hand, great profit can be made in the crypto market if you know what you are doing and if you have enough time to monitor all related news and spot all trading opportunities.

Covesting is solving this issue in a best possible way. This blockchain based platform will connect successful traders with investors through smart contracts in the safe and transparent way. It is made super user-friendly so all newcomers in blockchain will find it appealing and simple to use. All they have to do is check between hundreds of profiles of experienced asset managers with a history of their trades. Use of the blockchain can make you certain that there is no false info and all data you find in their trade results is 100% real and can’t be falsified. There are numerous trading strategies offered by Covesting platform and investors just have to choose the one that fits them the most and subscribe to fund manager behind it. After that, your investing account will make a copy of all future trades of managers you are following and you will have same trading results as that experienced trader. To be more precise there is a possibility to follow up to 20 different traders and this way make your portfolio even more secured. It is important to emphasize that there is no need to transfer any of your money to some different account so you are in absolute control over your funds and can make the decision to stop following anyone at any time.

Advantages for investors:

  • Firstly, you trade as a professional;
  • Convesting can simultaneously copy up to 20 different trading strategies, diversifying its portfolio;
  • fully controls its portfolio, can always switch to another trader;
  • the account is completely safe, as the money is not transferred to the trader, all transactions take place on the investor’s account.

Benefits for the trader:

  • a comfortable office with a lot of tools for trading;
  • increasing its positive statistics attracts even more investors, and hence their remuneration from their transactions. 
    For use within the Convesting platform, a COV token will be issued. Participants buy COV tokens to follow trading strategies provided by traders on the platform. 

On the other side, successful professional traders that offer their trades on Covesting platform will be rewarded. The more investors are copying their trades the more extra profit they will get, so it is a win-win situation for both sides. 

About token sale and distribution

Covesting is financing itself by taking 10% from all profits made by copy-trading and 2% as an entry commission.
Covesting team is raising funds for development of their trading platform through ICO process. They are creating COV tokens as a way of making payment for usage of their platform. At this moment pre-ICO is live and you can invest in it on Covesting web site.

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