The human mind craves visual information. According to David Williams, a professor at the University of Rochester, "more than 50% of the cerebral cortex is responsible for processing visual information."

Lucyd is ready to meet this need and enter a new era of visual exploration of the world with the help of Lucyd Lens glasses. Lucyd is a new and independent company that has a purpose and a team focused on developing a new generation of smart glasses with an extensive set of licensed patents.

Thanks to a multitude of functions that increase comfort and productivity, AR smart points open up wide opportunities in industry, entertainment, entrepreneurship, vocational training and education.

"We are making a big bet on AR in the long term, since it can bring wide commercial opportunities and a lot of good to customers .... This sphere will be huge. "

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.5

"AR is no longer just a marketing ploy. We will see the further development of AR technology and, as it develops, technological progress will accelerate its implementation. "

DHL Logistics, report on AR

  Short review

Users of existing AR-devices face a number of problems: cumbersome, limited field of view, low resolution, problems with delay, connection and accumulator glasses, light scattering, weak tracking, high price, heavy eye strain and incompatibility with corrective lenses. They are also incapable of solving complex problems and determining the exact dimensions of real objects.

Lucyd has 13 exclusively licensed synergetic patents that enable the production of lightweight Lucyd Lens smart glasses. Thanks to the new and powerful IP (intellectual property), Lucyd Lens is well placed to become the standard among wearable devices.

Below is a model of glasses Lucyd Lens 1.0 and its important features.

The company believes that the underlying technologies of Lucyd are innovative:

the first miniaturized optics for a compact, small-size projector on an HMD display.

the first complete integration of eye tracking technology in HMD-displays.

the first integration of support for occlusion in HMD displays (Reducing the overlap of real and virtual objects).

the first surface of an arbitrary shape for helical HMD-devices.

the first integration of high resolution microdisplays with reflective surfaces.

The first HMD-display with high spatial resolution.

the world's first wide field of view up to 120 degrees in HMD-displays.

The first viewing angle, optimized for small-sized ocular displays.

Being a completely new interactive device, the Lucyd glasses have unlimited potential. Their appearance will be absolutely natural, use - comfortable, and integration of technologies into the perception of the world - unobtrusive.

Technologies planned by LUCYD

LCD and block

Lucyd creates a crypto currency based on AR. Using LCD-tokens, their customers can assist in the development and testing of revolutionary AR-devices. Lucyd develops an AR blockage ecosystem called Lucyd Lab, which will automatically track the creation of native applications and the feedback about Lucyd content.

In the near future, Lucyd will expand existing ecosystems for smartphones. The applications will be located in the stores Google and Apple, the computing power and data will come from the user's smartphone, etc. The ultimate goal of the blockade Lucyd Lab is a native application ecosystem where you can develop and download content exclusively using Lucyd Lens glasses. At this stage in the development of technology, Lucyd Lab will act as a decentralized application store, and Lucyd Lens will be considered a stand-alone device. This will free the developers of Lucyd from paying large commissions that charge existing ecosystems. Instead, they will be rewarded for their work with LCD tokens along with the profit they will receive from the purchases, subscriptions built into the application.

Road map

The way to achieve LUCYD's only goal - the successful development and international launch of Lucyd's smart glasses - consists of the stages presented below.

Distribution and sale of LCD tokens

Lucyd creates his own token called LCD, which provides an opportunity to help in the development and most in the future to experience the innovations of augmented reality.

LCD-tokens can be used to purchase Lucyd devices. Tokens will also be involved in promotional campaigns Lucyd. For example, the first 500 points of Lucyd Lens will be available only for purchase with LCD, so LCD-token holders will be able to purchase them first. LCD can also be exchanged on exchangers for other tokens or interchangeable currencies. The company plans to make available to the App Store / Google Play developer tools, as well as applications for work and entertainment, originally intended for smart glasses. Such applications can be purchased using LCD tokens.

The Lucyd token is a token of the ERC20 standard, based on the Ethereum block system. It is compatible with existing wallets, exchanges, smart contracts and other financial infrastructure.

Total produced 100 million LCD tokens. They are distributed in this way:

Thus, 50 million LCD tokens are allocated for open sale.

The beginning of the sale of the tokens took place TODAY - October 31, 2017 - at 8:00 GMT.

Original LCD price: 25 cents. The cost of LCD in ETH will be calculated at the start of sales, taking into account the exchange rate of USD / ETH.

The minimum fee = 1.5 million US dollars. The company set a goal to collect during the ICO 10 million US dollars.

End of sale: November 30, 2017 at 8:00 am GMT.

All proceeds from the sale of tokens will be used to support the further development and growth of Lucyd Lens and Lucyd Lab. The funds raised will be used to develop a prototype (hardware and firmware) and software, for initial production, payroll to the team, and also as working capital.


Having become acquainted closer, it is possible to say with certain certainty that Lucyd will be able to change the way of interaction with other people, the Internet and the world as a whole.

Become a part of the revolution of augmented reality along with Lucyd!


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