Blockchain technology is experiencing a period of rapid growth and acceptance, unlike the sluggish acceptance of the internet in the 90’s.

 Blockchain was established in 2008 and uses Bitcoin as cryptocurrency; a medium of exchange powered by the blockchain technology and the good news is that in a matter of few years, it is becoming universally accepted as a legitimate tradable permit.

The major underlying challenge is that conventional financial institutions and the related authorities and operating regulations are not well aligned with cryptocurrencies and this can be a major setback in the global labour market for Small and Medium size businesses who may wish to use the blockchain platform to grow their businesses, hence, I introduce to you Jincor.

Jincor is a platform that is presenting the much wanted frameworks in business contract as a powerful influence for the blockchain, with the level of security and unwavering quality in the meantime, cutting expense and time of conveyance to any customer globally at the speed of light.

Jincor is a completely secured and easy to use platform that aim to give both Small and Medium size businesses the avenue whereby any company can harness the numerous advantages of using blockchain-based technologies without developing them on their own or incurring exorbitant bill.

With Jincor platform, there is transparency as employers and employees will be able to transact any business in numerous blockchain platforms without doubt via the creation of smart contracts which will be written to private blockchain based on what is termed Hyperledger technology.

Hyperledger according to is an umbrella project of open source blockchain and related tools which is aimed to support collaborative development of blockchain-based distributed ledger. Though it was started in December, 2015 by the Linux foundation, Jincor is bringing in this ledger, with the goal of allowing business to work with smart contracts and cryptocurrency with no form of complications whether legal, technical or operational.

In particular, Jincor is composed by a gathering of experts who comprehend the huge and quick paced technologically determined blockchain and is intended to be private and thus more secret and operable for use. In light of the parameters put into thought by the Jincor group, the interface will be easy to use extending from directions to method of operation, it will be unequivocal and without mystery or ulterior intentions neither will there be shrouded blemishes. This close by, is customized to taking out mix-ups related with human blunders giving the client/customer a genuine feeling of constant, online “panacea”

Jincor, in this way is conveying to the present computerized time of blockchain decentralized innovation, a brand and imaginative stage for organizations that need straightforwardness and uprightness.

Jincor is focusing on the Small to Medium estimated organizations (SMEs) with universal concentration yet isn't constrained to them as incredible organizations can similarly profit enormously from this current platform's administrations as the stage develops and grows limitlessly.

The truth is that every organization no matter the size, has its set aims, goals and objectives, and for this objectives to be met, certain needs has to be put in place which must not be outside the laid down structure by which the organization must operate, Jincor offers lasting solution that will take care of such unavoidable needs in order to give the organization tangible space and pace for growth.

How genuine is Jincor, one may solicit and how can Jincor offer lasting solution to enable an organization achieve some vital goals?

One clear cut objective of any company or business, whether small, medium or big, is to make progress; grow or generate profit. Most businesses needs partnership to grow as desired, and this on its own is a problem. No matter how good the idea is, one cannot afford to fly solo, hence we are all prone to human error at one point or the other which will definitely become a setback for the growth of an organization but Jincor is offering organizations the platform to do business in a more reliable and effective way via what is termed smart contracts which is a self-executing code on the blockchain platform that automatically supplies the terms of agreement between different parties in such a way that for any product or services rendered, the smart contract will immediately pay for the services or good supplied almost at the same time that the service or supplies get delivered. This to me is a huge relief because it is an open secret that no reasonable organization or individual wants to give away money for goods or services that one is not sure will be delivered by the other parties.  Meaning that mistrust exists already between individuals and companies, If payment is not effected, no supplies to the other party, and for the other party if supply is not delivered, no payment. This has been a huge hindrance to demand and supplies but with Jincor  with the entrance of smart contract, hope,  orderliness and peace of mind will be regained or restored.

-        No more extortions

-        massive printed work

-        no more filing and form filling at the banks

-        No more lawyers, brokers etc which off course does not come without a professional bill to be paid.

-        Smart contract wallet and crypto wallet on a blockchain platform allows for direct payment from employer to employee without the need of a middleman.

-        It is also a form of saving revenue

-        On Jincor platform via using the smart contracts saves time and speed up payments for international trade settlements between 3 days to 2 weeks according to McKinsey report, 2017.

Are these all that Jincor can offer? NO!

The glaring truth is that no company can completely shun the need for legal support, at the same time, there are people who still cannot afford to get the needed legal support due to the expenses involved and the cryptocurrency is not an exception. This has served as a great obstacle for company to import blockchain into their work flow.

Solution: Jincor will give support to users on legal issues in the form of detailed instructions and explanations developed by the legal unit of Jincor in partnership with external individuals and firm globally.

Secondly, the much advertised smart contract after all is not affordable by small and medium business owners, due to the high cost and the complicated technology behind it.

Solution: Jincor will make available smart contract templates, that is: ready-to-use design which companies will only need to fix in their details and there you go!. This is the best offer ever.

It is also true that there are many other platforms that have come up with one solution or the other on the topic of smart contract but Jincor platform is 1 click cryptocurrency payments integration, with no middleman, innovatively secured, easy to use.

The Jincor beta testing, significantly more of a consistent simulation of the program is advancing with more than thirty (30) little and medium assessed associations at this moment sharing in this fundamental period of the Jincor blockchain organizations. The beta testing can be accessed via , slated for November 2017.


An unavoidable, intriguing side to the platform brought by Jincor is the introduction of dApps which Jincor hopes to use in discarding the perils related with the error of the human interface.

It is currently asserted that upon the dispatch and arrival of the Jincor platform to the general population through an ICO in December 2017, it is anticipated that around 1000 organizations would utilize the beta version of Jincor product. This to me is reasonable and positive sign for the framework for multi administrations and also addressing the requirements of the individuals to pass on an untouchable and changed strategy for seeing and saddling the consistently developing inspirations driving the decentralized blockchain advancement.

The great Steve Jobs once said that “Great things in business are never done by one person; they are done by a team of people”

Be part of the team!

Join Jincor ICO, starting on December 1st, 2017.

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