As the growth of data surges, the need to simplify and adopt a new standard becomes relevant. Wikibits is lauching the first ICO with a Cryptocurrency Platform based on Informatics (Information Engineering) and enabled for the Blockchain.

Wikibits pioneers the world of Digital Currency with the aim to disrupt a $2 trillion industry in Information Processing and Digital Marketing.

Dec 2017, Wikibits made global headlines this week with the announcement and launch of an ICO based on bringing the world closer to the formation of a community-backed, solution-driven knowledge base with the goal of solving daily tasks, sharing knowledge, and driving innovation. Wikibits is being developed to facilitate the finding of relevant information in a data-filled world and founded with the mission to help transform the way information is applied to enhance the quality of life for individuals and propel innovations forward.

The internet is a huge resource of knowledge and information. But, often searching for answers requires time. Today, the global data processing market is approximately a $2 trillion industry.               

"With the growing volume and complexity of information, there is a need for a more effective means of communication to reduce a prevalent issue of modern society; that is, information fatigue" explains Warren Wang, founder of Wikibits. "Precious time is lost parsing through layers of information to find the solution or answer we need; that's why Wikibits is important as a comprehensive source, supported by the community, to find the best solutions quickly.

Though Wikibits is a revolutionary concept, maximizing the application of information to the real world by attracting users to services while minimizing the burden of information fatigue, they also expect the increasing number of users and the level of their interactions and transactions to contribute to a flourishing Wikibits economy, boosting the value of both Wikibits and the community. As such, the WIKI Token will also serve as the primary means of rewarding valuable contributions appreciated by the Wikibits community.

The team at Wikibits consists of a diverse and dedicated group of people with decades of experience in Global Fortune 500 companies based in the US, UK, India, China with combined experience in computer engineering, data mining, marketing, finance, and healthcare.

Wikibits ICO and Token Pre-sale

The Wikibits Initial Coin Offering (ICO) fundraising campaign is currently open for pre-sale, which is scheduled to run until 14 January 2018, after which the cost of each coin will increase. During this time Wikibits invites contributors interested in participating in the ICO to become better acquainted with the company by visiting before they choose to support this project. The ICO will close at the end of February 2018. More facts and details can be found on one-pager and whitepaper located in the Documents section.

About Wikibits

Wikibits is the first cryptocurrency startup to leverage big data on a blockchain-based solution-driven wiki with the aim to improve search outcome and increase information usability for user needs. Furthermore, by quantifying solutions based on community input to help align company initiatives with the world, Wikibits will help organizations achieve their goals and increase the quality of life for the individual with better and faster information.

To learn more about how you can be a part of the Next Generation Wiki that is a combination of the best features of Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers and Quora. Join Wikibits at and let’s reach for the moon together.

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