Peerplays, is an online game and wagering platform using an open-source Blockchain technology . After they received feedback from DAO supporters, the platform decided to build a sidechain from Peerplays to Ethereum.

There was a proprosal which offers 20% of the Peerplays earnings to the DAO in exchange for an increased valuation to cover costs associated with developing this sidechain at an accelerated pace. 

Peerplay Team propose to DAO then if the DAo approves it ,they will build a sidechain  from peerplays to ethereum which is good on both Team. As of now they are focusing on their project outkine called 'milestone document'.

Peerplays, employs a high-speed program called Graphene,Which is automatically connect the players from around the world,and enables online games and betting that resist to cheating.

“Peerplays will turn the world of social gaming completely on its head. Right now the idea that you could make a continual stream of money from a game you’re playing is almost completely unheard of.”

The players will come to expect the same level of decentralization with thus new technology .They aims to capture at least 0.05% of the global demand for online casino card games by 2020.

This has going to be a great project that has to be waited and to keep an eye.

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