We would like to bring to your attention the online platform “ISOTIS” for the development of blockchain projects in various fields of activity.

The platform “ISOTIS” unites client companies, investors and programmers in the field of blockchain.

The “ISOTIS” platform gives your audience:

        An exclusive offer to get a job on the development of tokens and blockchain directly for programmers;

        For companies - the possibility of evaluating and implementing blockchain technologies in their field of activity;

        For investors - the gaining a guaranteed profit in the form of their own tokens of the “ISOTIS” project in the process of implementing the ico procedure on the Ethereum platform;

        For information partners that forward the project - the growth of popularity, coverage of new technological solutions in the field of blockchain technologies and the first new digital token “KIT” birth evidence right.

The main feature of the “ISOTIS” project is the clarity and openness of management procedures, financial flows and business processes.

More information about the project can be found on the official website isotis.ws