With so many tokens springing up in recent days but am really much impressed about this. Lympo is a platform combines the power of blockchain technology with user-controlled data which include that of weight loss, exercise, women’s health, sleep and meditation. The Goal of Lympo is create a robust marketplace where data itself is used efficiently by ecosystem members and everyone is rewarded fairly. The key players in the ecosystem includes Users living a healthy lifestyle, Personal trainers and sports coaches, Gyms, Sports and wellness businesses, Health insurers, Employers, Health and fitness apps, Investors, Fitness/wellness/health start-ups. The Lympo ecosystem starts from the existing platform which enables users to find the best personal trainer with 500+ fitness professionals operational in Lithuania and expanding to California, U.S. and Melbourne, Australia.

Before i go deep down into Lympo and how it works, i will quickly give an explanation of Cryptocurrency and Token for those that do not understand the what and hows of these terms. You can skip this part if you already do.


I first heard about Bitcoin in 2012 but i didn’t “get it.”

Terms like decentralized, distributed and disintermediatipiqued my interest, but I lacked the technical understanding to really understand what I was looking at.

I started reading up a bit more in 2015. However, only after a deep dive over the last 1 year do I feel like I’ve even begun to wrap my head around it.

A cryptocurrency is a form of payment which is similar to the currencies commonly used such as United States Dollar or the British Pound. However, unlike these currencies, cryptocurrencies are decentralized. There is no central government to print more of them out to cause inflation. In fact, cryptocurrencies have been formulated to gradually decrease in production as time goes by. Bitcoin, for instance will never have over 21 million coins in dissemination.


A token is a representation of value, a sort of digital asset (dasset). The Ethereum developers decided to standardize this process, and so the ERC20 ‘Token Standard’ was created. This templated-contract standardization contains a series of functions that enables the issuance, distribution and control of the assets in a formalized, standardized manner.

A token standard allows for the ease of interoperability between DApps (decentralized applications built on the Ethereum public chain) and the tokens built by the programmers.


Lympo combines technology network such Blockchain, Smart Contract and user-controlled and user-generated data to create a robust ecosystem. The ecosystem is composed of three main parts; the Lympo digital fitness wallet and user reward mechanisms, the lympo marketplace, lympo crowdfunding and investment platform.

The Lympo fitness wallet functions as an entry to the ecosystem and allows a user to create their profile, fill in their health data and connect it to their favourite sports and health tracking apps. The individual data submitted via Lympo fitness wallet will be accessible to its user and can be viewed or shared by storing a permission on blockchain.

The Lympo marketplace has user-generated data powered healthy lifestyle to offer and traded with the LYM tokens. A part of LYM tokens are allocated to incentivize community growth and to add new businesses to the Lympo network. The user-generated data marketplace will open for businesses such as health insurances, research institutions, and big data companies within and outside of the sports and wellness industry that are interested in accessing the data of Lympo digital wallet users. The users will be enabled to decide whom they trust their data to, to know what exactly they are sharing and to earn tokens by doing so.

The third arm of the Lympo ecosystem is a crowdfunding and investment platform allowing LYM token holders to invest in the most promising fitness/wellness/health start-ups which are reviewed and rated by Lympo ecosystem members who know what the industry needs best. LYM token holders will be able to receive company shares for the tokens contributed.

Some advantages of lympo

Fitness progress gamification for clients

Extra motivation and fun to reach healthy lifestyle goals, monetizing user-generated data.

Reward system to promote gym visits on specific times

Great incentives for a healthier lifestyle

Added value for customers Interaction with a wide client base

Opportunity to easily find business partners


Lympo token (LYM) will be released during the contribution period. LYM will sells ERC-20 compatible Ethereum-based LYM token. The aim of the token sale is to provide a discounted participation for the early adopters of the decentralized platform. To provide a functional lending market to such extent, early adopters are required. By purchasing LYM, the early adopters receives a discounted price for using the decentralized lending platform. The ICO has been structured to give the best opportunities to anyone who would like to participate from the very beginning, providing maximum flexibility and control for the participants.

Lympo token (LYM) will be used to purchase products and service on the Gimmer network such as automated crypto-trading, automated crypto-lending, automated crypto-arbitrage, strategy rental. It will also be used to provide incentive for early adopters.


ICO starts 23 January 2018 an ends 03 February or when the presale cap is reached


40% for development & operations

30% for sales and marketing

15% for operations

15% for network expansion

What are you waiting for?


Website: https://lympo.io

Whitepaper: https://lympo.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/whitepaper.pdf?v5

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lympo_io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lympo.io/

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