Hello Folks

BitMaker From CAKECODES is another mobile app for making Bitcoin. This is simply app ever. You just have to install it and let the timer run. 

You can download it here


After installing you need to sign up first. There is option to use Facebook and Google account or you can create CAKEAUTH account.

Enter your email address and pasword for sign up. Use them after complete sign up to access your account.

If your timer runs out you have to claim by tapping it. To boost timer you must buy timer boost for 500 satoshi. Timer boost will speed your timer to 10 minutes interval for the next 2 hours.

To withdraw you must insert your BTC address. Tap on gear icon, Tap on "Edit Wallet Address", enter your BTC address and tap on checkmark to save your setting.

The minimum withdraw is 5500 or more satoshi.

All payment requested before Friday 7 pm UTC-7:00 will be consolidated and received by Saturday 7 pm UTC-7:00. Otherwise it will be processed next time.

You can check payment history by simply following steps in picture below.

Get your 2500 Satoshi bonus by inviting your friend . Your friend will get same bonus by entering your code.

Use my code here to get your bonus 3HQ1DA .

To look at leaderboard follow step in this below pictures 

To get extra BTC you can download and try apps provided by Supersonic by following the instruction.

Note: Always use unlimited data plan

Visit their website http://cakecodes.com/

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