Hello folks

I had posted before about ethereum mobile wallet, you can find it here.

Coinbase Bitcoin Mobile Wallet is another option to receive and send Ethereum. For listed country you can also trade Ethereum using Bitcoin with this wallet. Updated Price chart for BTC and ETH is available also.

You can start using this wallet by downloading it here , available for Android and iOS user

If you already had an account at coinbase simply login with your credential. Signup a new account if you dont have any. Confirmation email will be sent from coinbase. Confirm it and let's rock and roll.


This is your dashboard. It display BTC Prices and chart in real time. Switch on Ethereum by tap on ETH ticker.  

Create An Alert

You can set an alert for both currencies :

- Tap on ETHER and tap

- Set your threshold by Sliding left or right and tap CREATE ALERT.

- Now you have an alert for ETH price. To pause an Alert tap on blue button on alert list.

- To delete an alert tap, hold then slide left on alert list and tap on X icon.  

Receive and Send 

To look your Ethereum wallet address :

1. Tap Menu


3. Tap on QRcode Icon

4. Tap on My address ( To send Ether using QRcode tap Scan code)

5. Now you will see your ETH wallet address an QRcode. You can now copy and paste it on email or another sharing platform.

Send Ethereum to another wallet :

1. From your ETH wallet account press QRcode icon to scan receiver wallet address. To input manually tap on + icon.  

2. Input your desired amount to send.

3. Enter your receiver address or email. If all set then tap on send 

Now you can receive and send those ether in a blink.

Thanks Folks