Hello , in this guide i will share about Sign Message in Coinbase web wallet.

You can read my previous post about Signed Message (Blockchain.info Web Wallet) : here

Ok , let's start :

1. Go to Coinbase and login with your data .

2. After you already logged in , click this link and you'll see bunch of address (I bet you already know , Coinbase uses dynamic Bitcoin Address (Every you receive coins , your address immediately changed with the new one for minimize the risk being hacked)

Choose the address you want to sign message and click Details . And you can click "sign a message"

4. Enter the message which described your address , after that click Sign Message.

5. After you click Sign Message , your Signature has been generated . And it looks like this :

Address : 1MDXToJ8C6xUFm1FY4qs25Lt6FsBavsAVd

Message : sulendra12 here this is my address

Signature : IOWl0JN8elaDdNAnOGiBWBrqdzXcRTTtUXQSgKct5GlhnDJB6o2DNCgd2rzHueuFpEDLM2C6m36NGhMAxllBnpc

6. And done , you can asking someone for verify your signed message to prove that is your account.

Ok , thanks for read my post . Hope this article helpful for you . Bye :)