DIY Tube Video Community is a video sharing platform which pays everyone to interact with one another. Members get paid for views on their videos, writing comments, thumbs up received and more.

We are just finishing integration of DIYT Coins with the community website. The wallet is in beta testing stages and we are working on adding ways to spend DIYT in the community. Video owners will soon be able to promote their video or channel. Members will be able to donate DIYT to another member or for a particularly good video. Members will be able to create their own micro economy inside the DIY Tube Video Community as well.

The DIY Tube Video Community was started after YT began to cut payments to its content creators. The founder was a YT member with over 100,000 subscribers and nearly 2,000 videos. Soon YT also cut payment and partner privileges to 100s of thousands of smaller channels. DIY Tube Video Community has been set up to reward everyone for participating in activities on the site. Everyone can earn DIYT Coins on DIY Tube Video Community.

Within the week the first payments will be made to all member's wallets. This initial payment will cover all activities from day one to the present date. After that, the next payment should be within a week or so and thereafter payments will be made on a daily basis.

DIY Tube Coins will be able to be purchased or sold inside the DIY Tube website online market place using Ethereum. DIY Tube Coins are based on the Ethereum ERC20 contract so they are fully Ether wallet compatible.

Inside the community website all transactions will be processed in DIYT Coins. Coins can be purchased with Ethereum and used in the community for perks and upgrades. DIYT Coins can be sold for Ether and traded on exchanges for other coins or sold for fiat currency once we are accepted by major exchanges.

Advertisers will be able to create their own account and upload video commercials. They can set their own advertisements using DIYT Coins. This will bring in more value to the community and DIYT Coins. A limited number of ad spaces will be available for purchase. At this time, no in stream video ads will be integrated but this can change at a later date.

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