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The Financial world is being disrupted and overtaken by the blockchain technology through the adoption of various crypto currencies. The old ways have changed and GREENBIT is developing a one stop market for economic and agro-allied businesses with a distinctive digital currency ecosystem.

GREENBIT is designed to create worthwhile tokens through the global agricultural economy and build a platform for the world agricultural processes to run and have its own ecosystem in one market. How? Through a dedicated blockchain community!

GREENBIT is created to merge foods, healthy products, strong universe, jet age advancement in technology, and at the same time leverage on the advantages of Agriculture, world Economy, and technological exploits.

GREENBIT is creating a crypto currency ecosystem from the orthodox agro transaction processes between agro-allied industries, industrial farmers, subsistence farmers, merchants and to the least consumers. This will give chance for swift transaction through agro mobile payments and easy location of agricultural goods and services in just one place. One Farm, One Market, One World, One Economy, and One Currency.

An Asset of the GREENBIT is THE CENTRAL FARM NETWORK which is adopted as an insurance to every token in the market. The farm is set up with auto increasing revenue that will be adding value periodically to every token holder’s asset (GREENBIT) in the market thereby increasing the value and capital base of GREENBIT GREENBIT is a unique platform to integrate and shapen global agriculture to its needs through blockchain technology. Governments, Job centers and individuals, will be able to track the demand and availability of skills, goods and services gatherings from businesses.


GREENBIT:Revolutionizing Global Agriculture With Blockchain: GREENBIT is a trail-blazing blockchain-powered internet platform, with security and transactions tokens. It is about a blockchain-based economic and agricultural dealings platform with consistent and exponential increase in token value over time, backed by real entity called the Central Farm Network (CFN) using A blockchain Network of ERC20.

GREENBIT is implementing a decentralized ecosystem enabling consumers, farmers, Merchants and investors to save up to 35% on every transaction and at the same time extract value and real time profits using Greenbit platform, and a physical asset called the CENTRAL FARM NETWORK.


Mobile GBITVAULT : This is a brilliantly designed mobile crypto vault solution [GREENBITVAULT]: Everything you need is built into your Smartphone, Tab, Mac or PC app: payments, transfers, and currency exchange are made with a speedy and easy flow.

Our Solutions: GREENBIT Platform:

  1. Educate the customer/client on great investment options and possible payment strategies in line with the advancement in the universe.
  2. Facilitation of crypto-to-fiat settlements and fiat-to-crypto settlements.
  3. Prompt and instantaneous cryptocurrency payments without limits.
  4. Facilitation of Agricultural Economics dealings in all levels, and retail trade and services.
  5. Mobile cryptoVault solutions [GREENBITVault]: Everything you need is built into your smartphone app: payments, transfers, and currency exchange.
  6. Make sure that clients get the best deal.
  7. Execute Loyalty programs and cashback for every transaction and increases cashback for token holders.

You can profitably partner with us now! You can contribute and be a rewarded sponsor now! You can join now and take advantage of the boost and boom! You can invest now and leverage on the excellent GREENBIT platform!! By signing up you agree to leverage on GREENBIT systems and profitable ventures, and you also agree with its terms of service and privacy policy.

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