Everyone gets paid for activities on DIY Tube Video Community from video views to comments and more. Our automatic payment processor is live and working well. Every 24 hours members of the DIY Tube Video Community get paid in DIYT Coins for their activities the day before.

Channel owners get paid for video views and thumbs up on their videos. Members who comment get paid for their comments and thumbs up. There are other ways to interact and get paid on the way as well. Soon members will be paid in DIYT for reporting suspected spam or abuse. This will help keep the community clean as well as increase member earnings.

DIY Tube Video was formed out of the need for a video platform with revenue sharing. After the big giant YouTube started cutting pay to its content creators, the need for a new platform was formed. The founder of DIY Tube Video had three channels with one over 100,000 subscribers in size. He felt something bad was brewing on YT back in November of 2017. DIY Tube Video Community started taking shape back then.

Sure enough, in February 2018, YouTube cut content creator privileges and payment to 100s of thousands of channels around the world.

DIY Tube Video Community was already a fully functioning video sharing platform at this time but there were no ads running yet. Something had to be done fast. But the accounting nightmare of paying millions of members around the world in their various currencies can be daunting. Also just imagine the tax forms and earnings statements for each member. DIY Tube Coins were born out of the need for a way to pay community members around the world for their activities.

DIY Tube Video Community took it one step farther and decided to pay everyone to interact. It does not seem fair to pay only the content creators but leave out all the members who leave valuable comments which help contribute to the value of the community.

DIY Tube Video pays you for doing what you enjoy!

You can visit the community here: http://www.diytube.video

Learn more about DIY Tube Coins: http://www.diytubecoin.com

Read our blog: http://www.diytube.info