The founder of ethereum, Vitalik Buterin , has some pretty definite plans for the Devcon2 event, which will be the opening of the great international blockchain week to be held in Shanghai from September 19 . Lasting until 21 September, this section was orchestrated entirely by Vitalik company, and it was intended primarily to educate participants on the blockchain technology and promote it.

However, a new plan has emerged in this kind of teaching beginning, as Buterin will present a talk entitled Mauve Revolution where he will focus on new scalability features that are still under development in decentralized platform ethereum as the application of Proof of Stake and sharding , which divides a large database in small warehousing . All this will come included in the new version of its mauve paper , which still awaits changes in the future. Moreover, as noted last March, it is likely to devote some attention to the tactics Lightning Networks, where not all transactions would be recorded in the blockchain.

Buterin plans to reform the entire ethereum code, upgrading to ethereum 2.0, an improved version. Describes the route of the platform in three stages, one already completed , another is to come with the PoS application and sharding , and a third is still uncertainty.

Certainly in the life cycle of ethereum the DAO millionaire robbery marked a before and after. After application of a hard- fork for many of the affected users could recover their funds , the platform was divided , and not only virtually. In ethereum Classic remained, despite the hacker , who fiercely defend the immutability that was certainly disrespected by the bifurcation of the blockchain, while to ethereum marched all who, besides wanting to recoup their investment, believe that despite being drastically, hard- fork was the best . What awaits in the third stage that Buterin imagine? It seems that by the time even himself is not very safe.

He estimated that the second stage will last until 2020. Then will enter the third phase and perhaps a new version of this mauve paper . But if there is something we can be almost certain, is that if it is in the hands of Buterin, there will not be another fork. He considers more ethical and productive building new things , so it is likely to be developing many more surprises for the coming years.