Acutecoin makes use of top-notch blockchain era to convert the way people trade and make investments. Investing in acutecoin’s ico is a smart way to benefit from the initial offering and establish a lasting worthwhile investment. Acutecoin is constructed on a notably comfy peer-to-peer community and operated underneath the blockchain gadget. There's a assured protection and anonymity for users who have interaction in any transaction. If you searching for a progressive solution as a way to offer you a more secure, simpler and swifter method for trading inside the cryptocurrency market, acutecoin is surely what you need


It is their vision that newly registered users to the digital (process of people making, selling, and buying things) will be able to get started with buying their first AcuteCoin instantly through their simple, supportive (raised, flat supporting surface). Traders will enjoy a fast, secure, and highly flexible (surrounding conditions) that (combines different things together so they work as one unit) familiar features into our digital community. AcuteCoin will also offer new and interesting investment options, such as CloudMining and a full-featured Debit Card meant to give users access to their digital currency at all times.


Every day, the wide variety of cryptocurrencies increases. As a end result, it's far frequently difficult for traders, maximum mainly the ones with little understanding of the cryptocurrency industry, to decide at the cryptocurrency, wherein they may make investments. Occasionally, investors invest a whole lot of money in a cryptocurrency, and that they emerge as gaining little or no in a while. Investors often find it challenging to find professional trading platforms which are reliable. The fear of losing investments has made a number of investors to have panic attacks. One good way to help investors and assure them of the safety of their investments is to provide them with a platform where they can interact easily with reliable a professional support team.


Investors stand to advantage substantially the usage of acutecoin. It makes use of a complex algorithm to assess a trader’s overall performance and then creates a portfolio for each assessed trader. The traders can use this portfolio to make clever funding decisions.


Acutecoin users help the platform and the overall ecosystem by means of granting coins in go back for an earned hobby on the ones offers. Those funding opportunities are strategically decided on by the acutecoin crew and are designed to be timely carried out as the platform and users numbers grow and make up a practical roadmap thinking about the number of funding possibilities within the crypto and blockchain generation ecosystem.

• AcuteCoin Staking- Acutecoin staking allows customers that aren’t completely tech savvy to revel in the benefits of earning hobby in acutecoin itself. This is an advantageous characteristic that lets in you to fasten for your cash but earn real coins in the hobby and no longer a dollar cost, as a result, you get the gain of minting new acutecoin and taking part in its upward thrust in rate as demand for our application will increase. Additionally, via staking and holding on to your acutecoin cash, you can assume profits of up to eight% for the primary 4 months and 10% yearly thereafter

• Crypto Currency Portfolio –We gather and manipulate cryptocurrency and token portfolio with a focus on small cap coins and tokens with the best capacity. Ico's can also be considered. Community enter is key and could be relied upon when making decisions on what coins to shop for subsequent via a balloting gadget. The top buyers on the platform could have the extra effect on the one's choices.

• Trading, Buy and Sell – The each day buying and selling of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and ripple. These cryptocurrencies have better buying and selling extent with traditional fiat markets. These markets also provide the opportunity as a liquidity issuer for massive purchases of those coins via over the counter markets.

• Coin Lending – Users of acutecoin can take part in our lending platform. On this platform, users collect distinct acutecoin bonus price at every tier primarily based on the amount of coins users need to lend out. The better the quantity you lend, the higher the quantity of acutecoin’sgained. Whilst different packages tend to best reward the earliest individuals, we offer to go back fees which are practical and sustainable for all. We are able to assure all individuals that each one coin loans will entice every day payouts as we vicinity a high value on all our members.

• Crypto Currency Mining- We presently function a small mining farm primarily based in north the united states.This operation commenced in might also of 2017 breaking even in october 2017. Currently mining cash such as electroneum and ethereum we plan to significantly boom the dimensions of this operation with the hopes of establishing a brand new facility in a rustic that provides both enough daylight for sun strength and the most inexpensive strength consumption fees. Greater information to come on this thrilling project for acutecoin.

• Mobile Crypto Currency Exchange and Debit Card serviceprovider-Yes, you examine that successfully. Acutecoin investments consist of the possibility to not only release a cell cryptocurrency exchange connected to a debit card but also be the real carrier company of cryptocurrencydebit playing cards to other coins, retail businesses seeking out new advertising possibilities and other network marketing programs looking for agreement answers. We're greater than only a coin with a cool debit card!

• Affiliate Program -Acutecoin's appealing referral/affiliate program lets in you to earn additional coins every time you tell different users about this possibility and refer them to the acutecoin community. For each new consumer linked to acutecoin platform by using your associate link, our bonus program facilitates your prospect to earn greater. Beneath acutecoin affiliate application, there are three rewarding ranks for each registered accomplice to earn extra commissions. Any time a referral buys services on our platform along with your affiliate link, you will mechanically earn a commission. The amount your associate spends determines the fee you get. Selected youtube and top promoters will be rewarded from our pinnacle tier for his or her efforts



Token Name : XAC

Price Of The Token : $ 0.60(Start Sale Price) & $ 1.20 (After ICO)

Token For Sale : 10.000.000

Token Created : 42.000.000

In the cryptocurrency the market, it is a common thing to buy a cryptocurrency at a lower price and sell it later at a fairly high price. This is how some people generate profits. If you are looking for a good opportunity to purchase AcuteCoin at the lowest price, then you have to take advantage of the AcuteCoin ICO. So if you hoping to have a good asset in AcuteCoin, it is advisable you join the ICO. Our target is 10,000,000 ICO coins

Presale : April 17 12:00 PM GMT — April 22, 2018 12:00 PM GMT

How many AcuteCoin will be in circulation?

There will be a maximum of 42,000,000 million AcuteCoin minted. With an initial 15,000,000 million being pre-mined for development and ICO distribution.


ICO: 10,000,000 (crowd sale distribution)

Foundation: 3,990,000 (used to sustain a stake in ecosystem and carry out corporate mission)

Member Staking: 1,000,000 (AcuteCoin for community staking, members share rewards)

Bounty: 10,000 (users who participated in the Bounty program are rewarded coins) Bonus You will get 100% bonus in presales



Formation of Team and Vision


Project Start Project start-up by management team. Strategic partnership formed with small scale mining operation.


Platform Development initiated Developers begin work on platform

MARCH 2018

Marketing of AcuteCoin platform begins Continued platform development and testing Whitepaper released. Website Launched

APRIL 2018

AcuteCoin ICO launch Final testing phases of Lending feature. Development begins on Exchange feature. Windows and Mac Wallets deployed Blockexplorer released

MAY 2018

Exchange and Lending Platform Opened AcuteCoin holders can now participate in the internal exchange and commence lending. External Exchange listing Mining Farm introduction

JUNE 2018

Mining Farm Launch Mining contracts initiated resulting in long-term stability on the community and platform Updated Road Map released

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