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EXTRABIT establishes itself as a crypto mining company which has been making quite a mark in the cryptocurrency arcadia. In the recent months, the aspiring company has been successful at acquiring a contract from the local supplier which entitles them to free electricity usage over the course of the initial five years the supplement the mining functionality by virtue of complex hardware systems. Following the completion of the initial five years, the company is entitled to cheap electricity for a lifetime by virtue of the contract.

EXTRABIT emphasizes on secure investments and profitable mining aspects sighting an expected ROI of 185% on a yearly basis. The blockchain development company is presently at the brink of the cryptocurrency boom which glorifies the prospects of exponential returns in the years to come.

Mack Deacon CEO / Founder

Extrabit is a mining company which has already proven itself as an influential force in the mining community. The startup continues to make tremendous progress ever since it began in August 2017. In only 6 months, founder Mack Deacon could negotiate an impressive deal with a local power company. The deal includes a 50% lifetime discount on electricity costs. On top of that, the benefactor agreed to supply Deacons mining company with Free Electricity for the first five years of the contract.

Bright team with a clear Advantage This agreement is the first of its kind and is a clear sign of bitcoins evolution into a global technology. It is easy to understand that this creates a powerful advantage for Deacon and his team. Extrabit is set to quickly show itself as a leader in Blockchain technology. With immense potential, it is sure to amplify the disruptive force of Blockchain technology.

The Deal The free electricity offer was made in return for providing Blockchain technology to local supplier and its partners. The local supplier has endorsed Extrabit due the fact that the association will help yield them better results towards decentralizing bitcoin mining in the state. The company has a core reputation for mining, developing, and distributing the latest Blockchain technologies.

Executive Statement 185% Return on Investment Extrabit assures secure investments by offering smart contract options, promising 185% ROI, paid out quarterly to every investor that keeps a constant positive balance in their EXB wallet. Early Investors are in prime position for what could result in the next cryptocurrency boom. It is possible for ROI to exceed the first 185% bonus since the value of EXB is proportional to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Extrabit EXB Token EXB tokens offers the easiest and less risky investment in Blockchain technology. The Smart Contract provides %185 Quarterly ROI does not need a token holder to buy any mining equipment since we (Extrabit) are the only miners on the platform, until we finish developing the decentralized mining platform.

Token EXB bertransaksi di jaringan yang sama yang digunakan dompet Ethereum Anda dan sepenuhnya mengikuti semua token ERC20 standar; Token EXB dapat dikirim, diterima, diperiksa dari total pasokannya, dan diuji untuk jumlah yang tersedia pada setiap alamat.

Rincian setiap tahap Pra-Penjualan Pribadi ICO Ada minimum untuk Pra-Penjualan Pribadi, jika Anda ingin mengambil bagian di dalamnya, Anda harus berinvestasi setidaknya $ 20.000, setelah pembelian token, kami akan mengirimkan token ke MyEtherWallet Anda dalam waktu 48 jam. Selama ICO, investor harus menunggu hingga akhir periode ICO sebelum dapat memindahkan token ke alamat MyEtherWallet.

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