Presently, cryptocurrency market trends and innovations are the most popular topics for discussion. The field is predicted to be a future of finance sector, permanently rising and developing. As the market is in development state, existing products/services and tools are mostly considered to be for small professional groups - miners and traders and, as such, are adapted to their needs. There is a huge space left for development, change and adjustment of technologies, products and services for mass market. Bixtrim is building a financial utility - a multi-functional platform, uniting new approach, technical novelties and features in market of online platforms and wallets - that the entire crypto economy will benefit from and where people can participate in as both users and token holders.

The platform will cover:

Existing, but upgraded functions such as saving, trading, exchange of cryptocurrencies, etc.

Brand new innovative opportunities such as:

Pawnshop – function allowing pawning cryptocurrencies

Futures – supporting transactions planned on a determined date

Escrow – supporting deals with pre-defined independent principal

Multi-factorial authentication - verification using several steps

Plastic Cards – exclusive product, attached directly to cryptocurrency

Bixtrim Pawnshop

Owners of cryptocurrencies are mostly miners and early-bird buyers, who predicted and believed in successful future of the market. This segment is in constant need of cash, but selling cryptocurrency today, is regarded as loss of potential gain. The prices of coins are rising constantly so owners do not want to lose the possible future benefits. Bixtrim will develop a crypto pawn shop where coins owners can pawn them for some period and get them back, after paying off the commitment. This possibility gives customers the opportunity to keep coins, as well as get the needed cash for a short-term and profit in a long term.

Bixtrim platform supports pre-defined date of transactions

As existing exchange platforms do not support transactions planned on a determined date. This obstacle does not allow brokers to enter crypto market so Bixtrim will develop an exclusive feature - futures contracts on Bixtrim platform supporting pre-defined date of transactions. Every user of platform will be able to use this feature and trade/play with ease. All the coins traded on Bixtrim platform will have futures support. While buyers/sellers are anonymous and the agreement between them will not be legally binding Bixtrim platform will serve as a guarantee and freeze some amounts of money for both parties.

Slow cash out of cryptocurrency? - worry not!

In partnership with one of the leading microfinance organization in Georgia and member of its holding, Bixtrim customers will be able to cash out cryptocurrencies in minutes at the cash desks. Bixtrim will use the network of its service centers, allowing easy access to any interested parties / customers.

Timing of transaction does not allow coins to be as usable as fiat money - Bixtrim has a solution!

Bixtrim will issue a global cryptocurrency, with the ability to process at least 100K transaction a second. With such technology, multitude of transactions can be processed per second around the globe. Bixtrim’s coin will serve as catalyst connecting crypto market to retail market.

Bixtrim's multi-factorial authentication

Bixtrim’s new coin will have the feature of multi-factorial authentication, with mobile application. The feature will be developed according to the standards/best practices used in banking sector, which has been tested through time. This innovative approach will decrease the risk of theft almost to zero, because even in the worst case of any exchange platform being hacked, nobody will not be able to perform unauthorized transfers of Bixtrim coins. Bixtrim platform users will be able to choose between simplified and multi-factor authentication methods.

Bixtrim's Escrow feature

Issuing cryptocurrency supporting exclusive and innovative Escrow feature. The coin issued by Bixtrim will have the option where the third party, independent predetermined or randomly chosen principal, will ensure the transaction. While the transactions are made via Bitxrim coin, system itself will guarantee the protection of deal - principal will not be able to make any other transaction to coins – he should make obligatory transfer to seller or buyer after a period of time. This will be unprecedented service - a new word in crypto market.

Bixtrim Token specifications

Total emission volume is 72 000 000 tokens, which are divided into several parts:

7 800 000 tokens will be sold in discount packages, including.

First week of Sales 1 300 000 (60% discount)

Second week of Sales 2 600 000 (40% discount)

Third week of Sales 3 900 000 (20% discount)

Regular sales process begins from the fourth week 45 800 000 tokens will be sold at original price.

6 500 000 tokens for referral bonuses and lottery drawing.

11 900 000 tokens stay in possession of co-founders, partners and advisers.

Bixtrim Token sales process

Total number of tokens per account is not limited. Minimal number of tokens per order is 30. Customers can purchase tokens in discount packages or at original price. Original price of token equals one USD and may be slightly changed during sale. Depending on payment method taxes or commission fees may be added to the original price. Our payment methods include SWIFT and SEPA bank transfers, debit and credit cards and various cryptocurrencies.

Discount volume is limited in number and further discount packages will not be added.

All purchases of BXM tokens are final and non-refundable.

All unsold tokens will be destroyed once period of sales is over.

Bixtrim Referral Program

Owners of BXM tokens have the opportunity to earn even more tokens. Every registered user, who already purchased any number of tokens will be provided with a referral link. This link can be shared with any unregistered person, so they can open registration form with the link.

Whenever a purchase is made from an account registered via referral link, the referee will receive number of tokens, equal to 10% of original purchase, as a referral bonus.

All Bixtrim customer account owners, including ones registered via referral links will receive a referral link of their own, after making a first purchase. However, referral bonuses will not propagate to referee of referee. Overall number of tokens to be distributed via referral program equals 6 500 000 units.

After the sales period is over, undistributed referral tokens will be divided into 1000 packages (each including equal amount of tokens) and drawn randomly among the token owners.

Bixtrim mission, goals and objectives

Bixtrim believes in a world where everyone has access to advanced crypto financial services, not only the segment of professionals and wants to make cryptocurrencies accessible and usable on a daily basis. Bixtrim will establish an ecosystem of financial instruments based on the revolutionary benefits of the digital economy. In order to implement our mission, we will create multi-functional platform with features, products and services, that will be advanced for cryptomarket.