What Is AX1?

AX1 is a British company based in Manchester that works with cryptocurrency mining. The company has created a cryptocurrency whose main objective is to give the users the chance to profit from mining many cryptocurrencies without actually needing to have any technical knowledge.

How AX1 Capital Appreciation Mining Token Works

Basically, the token holders are buying a stake in a centralized mining pool by acquiring the tokens. This mining pool is managed by a data center and the rewards for the mining are divided by the token holders and increase the value of the AX1 tokens.

The company also believes that the value of the coins will be improved by using both a proof of stake and proof of work system, having secondary markets, forward selling and large mined coin portfolio.

Also, AX1 can help in some of the problems that you might find while mining tokens. As more miners attempt to solve complex equations, it gets harder to mine blocks, so by buying the AX1 tokens, you will be able to use a data center for that instead of having to mine the cryptocurrency on your own. Also, the system lets the miners create dedicated mining pools for many different cryptocurrencies.

The main hook of this company is that there is a growing need for data centers because cryptocurrency mining is getting increasingly harder, so it is becoming difficult to mine at home. With access to AX1 tokens, anyone will be able to mine easily.

Why Use AX1?

Even if mining is becoming harder, AX1 defends the idea that by using a mining pool you can basically access to the right equipment that you need to profit from mining. Buying AX1 tokens is basically buying access to the mining facilities of the company.

The main benefits of using AX1 are that you avoid concentrating all your strategy and, therefore, your risks, in a single coin because the mining facility mines different tokens so if one of them crashes or something like that happens, you will be fully protected from the fallout if you decide to use AX1.

Also, the company offers mining adaptability meaning that you can switch mining rigs between coins quickly and research and development is constantly looking for solutions to mine more efficiently and to expand the operations and ensure the scalability of the company.

AX1 Token ICO Details

The company’s conception happened during 2017, together with the search for the first private investors of the project. After the whole backbone of the project was created and the White Paper was already done, the company decided to launch the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) during April 2018.

A second mining center will be built on June 2018 and the mining will start in the third quarter of the year. After that, additional resources will be built and the portal should be done until the end of the year.

During the ICO, 22,222,222 AX1 tokens will be sold. The ICO will have four stages in which the prices will be as following:

Stage 1: $0.80 USD per token;

Stage 2: $0.90 USD per token;

Stage 3: $1 USD per token;

Stage 4: $1.20 USD per token.

Only ETH and GBP will be accepted in the sale.

Who Is Behind AX1?

The executive team of AX1 is lead by Stuart Anderson. Anderson is an expert in strategic thinking and has already worked as the CEO of a hedge fund in the United Kingdom and as a director in another company. Mark Shaw, director of product, has 9 years of experience in creating software for the SAAS industry.

Lucy Cartledge, director of operations, has a legal background, already had the same role in another company and has always been a leader in the workplace. Carlo Martinengo, director, has more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry, 11 of these years were spent at JTC.

For more information, please visit the link below:

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Website : https://ax1.io/

Whitepaper : https://ax1.io/ax1_one_pager.pdf

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ax1mining/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Ax1mining

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