This New App Can Show Bitcoin Transactions Without Internet

Now you can deal with your bitcoin transactions offline. Yes! You got it right. Samourai Bitcoin wallet and goTenna, decentralized communications startup is launching an app which is active without internet connection.

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Wyoming, Us Island Intents to Became a Capital of America’s Cryptocurrency

In the Month of March, the Republican Governor Matt Mead authorizes a statute which makes limited obligation corporation law affable to Blockchain firms. Wyoming is 1,000 miles from Silicon Valley and is distance from Wealthy East Coast investors. The Bronco state is hindering its caravan to the adventure of digital currencies. It bids to revive as a crypto-friendly state in U.S.

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Thailand Is Planning to Form New Cryptocurrencies Rules: Sec Says

The Government of Thailand has notarized a new digital currency law. It is necessary for investors to pay 15% capital gains tax on their income. As per daily news journal which says Bangkok Post “shared profits or any merits borrowed from the holding of digital token or gaining the transfer of cryptocurrency or digital tokens” is commencing from May 14.

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Dubai- Based Crypto Exchange BitOasis Bans Trading of UAE Dirham

BitOasis, a Dubai-based exchange has banned UAE Dirham/BTC trading. The exchange will no longer process deposits or withdraw in Dirhams from May 15. A notice was sent to BitOasis users which claims that from Tuesday, dirham couldn’t be withdrawn from the exchange. It leaves users to move with balance or top it up with more dirham if they wish.

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Nasdaq Infrastructure Powered New Cryptocurrency Exchange

The new exchange will operate on a model similar to Robinhood where customers can pay monthly fee or subscription fees to access trading tools. There will no commission fees on transactions. Using NASDAQ will help assure customers of safety, trust and security they are looking for.

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Moldova to Present Its First Cryptocurrency Exchange and Token

Moldova is young in cryptocurrency and has a few locally made crypto projects including Zozo coin and Drachmae’s own DTMI token. The new crypto exchanges will offer trading pairs with eight fiat currencies.

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