Sarah is a single mom who has a bad habit of forgetting and misplacing things because she is always in a hurry. She is fond of easily misplacing small items that matter to her like her keys, jewelry even her lipsticks which may be found several weeks later inside her flower pot. It got so bad that at one point in time she took her son, Tim, to daycare and forgot to put on his diapers.

While aware of this problem Sarah decides to buy some futuristic beacons integrated with XYO Network’s GPS tracking system. She believed it would make it easier for her to keep track of items attached with the beacon. One sunny day, she takes Tim out with her to the park and allows him play with other kids while she chatted happily with some other mothers right there. When it was time to go home, she realized she hadn’t set eyes on little Tim for a while. She looks at where she saw him last and couldn’t find him. She looked around her and Tim wasn’t nearby. She shouted his name and started to panic.

Suddenly it dawned on her that her greatest fear might have occurred at last. Tim was missing because of her inability to keep track of things. She took out her smartphone to call for help and then remembered she placed XYO’s tracking beacon in little Tim’s pendant on the necklace he was wearing. She quickly launched the application and tracked the location of Tim whom she found entertaining a gathering of old folks, who were chilling at the other side of the road. How Tim managed to make it that far from her, she had no idea but she was really glad to have found him hale and hearty all thanks to the tracking system from XYO.

Many of us are like Sarah. We do so many things at a time that we forget the little things that matter to us and then start looking for it when it isn’t even lost in the first place. XYO Network has come to rescue us from losing our minds while searching frantically for things we temporarily lose memory of.

Innovating on the scalability of the blockchain, XYO utilizes smart contracts to act as a medium of communicating with the physical world. The network protocol is designed as an API interconnecting two objects in a way that it effectively eliminates the need for a centralized third party. This protocol will be connected via a Bluetooth or GPS network that makes it absolutely possible for an object A to be able to ping and pinpoint the exact location of an object B while relaying the information to you via your smartphone. It is a fantastic project that has not been created before over the blockchain system. This iconic innovative project is expected to break grounds and satisfy a growing need for a proven, decentralized system of location immune to attacks and 99% accurate for most of the time. An ICO is in the works for the XYO Networks and investors are welcome to partake in the development of this immersive project. To learn more, you can refer to the links below.






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