Most of you guys have investments in cryptocurrencies. You might be investing in cryptocurrency projects on anytime their way to bring the product they target to provide. You might be investing in projects during private sales, pre-ICO’s, ICO’s or post ICO phase. Crypto projects earn value through HYPE, roadmap implementations, MVP/product releases. Everybody in this space are looking for multipliers for a given investment. These multipliers come by the above-mentioned occasions. Normally you don’t want to Exchange your cryptocurrency into fiat to pay for real life expenses before they get valuable or to the point you have planned to cash out. On the other hand, you might have bills to pay, extra expenses to be made etc. If you do not have extra Money to compensate that unexpected cost, you might Exchange your cryptocurrency before gains or maybe at loss. MoneyToken has been established to help crypto investors with liquidity either in fiat or stable coins such as Tether, MTC and DAI for immediate needs in return you use your BTC or ETH as a collateral.

We all might have been in a position to receive a loan from a bank for purposes like, investing into your business, buying a property, a car, a holiday, compensating health expenditures etc. We are familiar with credit scores, credit audits etc. Which are all being used to justify the loan application. If your assets and/or your income combines as minimum to back the loan, then you get the loan. Unfortunately, banking industry does not consider crypto assets as an asset so you won’t be qualified for a loan in the first place even if you have billion USD worth of cryptocurrency. They do so because they do not like cryptocurrency at all.

Cryptocurrency is a threat to the traditional banking industry. There are a lot of new projects coming out everyday offering lower costs, higher security and fastest transaction times. This alone makes me feel like banking system will never accept cryptocurrencies as real assets unless it starts to collapse.

MoneyToken steps in to the scene right at this point. Enabling cryptocurrency investors to get loans in return of their BTC or ETH as collaterals. No credit checks, procedures, signing dozens of papers and waiting for days. The process is very simple:

Use your BTC/ETH as collateral --> Get the Loan --> Pay the loan back and get your BTC/ETH back

The team behind the project is great. They have many years of experience on their field. I have to mention Roger Ver which is the famous Angel Investor is behind the project as an advisor. The legal side of the project is very strong which have completed all the legal issues beforehand. Total supply is enormously big as the only part of the project I did not like but, strength of the project gets over it.

MoneyToken is not only a platform for lending but it is more like an ecosystem composed of MoneyToken Lending platform, MTC- MoneyToken’s own stable coin and MoneyToken Decentralized Exchange. You would get detailed information from the following links:

If you have interest in the project you still have chance to get in! ICO is live with 2 days left at the moment of this writing and they accept KYC at the same time. Token price is amazing with $0.005. Softcap which was $3 million had been achieved and the total raised amount at the moment is $27.169.151. Hardcap has been determined as $41,5 million. I have experienced a fast and smooth KYC with only delays during 4 BTC network confirmations yesterday. So if you would like to invest this you could do it before the public sale closes.

BTT User:;u=1027151