The blockchain technology has made it possible for everyone to be able to verify every action which is done on the Blockchain and to also eliminate third parties thereby making everything trustless. Now as a common man, it has helped us all to be able to present real information and not be worried about it being tampered with or being altered. The Springrole project is built on the blockchain and executed using smart contracts. With the knowledge of how immutable, blockchain transactions are, it will enable the common man out there to know the essence of providing real data knowing fully well that it will be reliable to verification from the various schools, agencies, and bodies acclaimed in the document. The Springrole project will help bring in more trust in the society as credentials of individuals will be trusted haven gone through verification.

Trust is everything and without trust, the world will be in chaos. When dealing with people around us, we want to be able to believe what they are saying and for it to be the truth. In the community and everywhere around us today, we make different interactions and associations and within this group, solutions to our problems are solved. If this be the case, within this group where we belong, there should be a means of making sure everyone stays true to their identity, profession, and skills.

The Springrole project will be providing a connection to a group where everyone will benefit from the activities of others. Now how does this work? If someone attests to anyone’s skills, this is rewarded and everyone in that community gets a share of the reward. This to say that there is an incentive for each true document provided when it gets vetted.



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