Instead of the conclusion, The Nexty system is the next big thing for e-commerce niche after PayPal. I’m pretty sure that these guys can achieve the same results because their system and zero transactions fees are great and there are no other services for now that could offer such platform. Especially, the Nexty can be good for small businesses serving as their potential investor and be allowing implementing free and fast transactions to any online store.

I have a small online store that sells salvage parts and a few months ago I had to overcome my fears and add the payment method to accept crypto coins. A few huge customers were asking to add this feature. I understood why everyone is so crazy about cryptocurrency – it is a really simple, safe and private way to transfer and accept money. The only serious drawback I didn’t like is that how much they charge for even small transactions. My clients also don’t like this but had to accept this drawback since there was no other way to transfer cryptos online.

If we talk as simply as possible, the blockchain is a payment system that allows you to transfer money and other data between users of the network without the use of the bank. The whole sector of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is based on the idea that the existing banking system is outdated - payments between countries take several working days and are subject to huge commissions.

Next price no group action fees and instant time for transaction confirmation. These procedures were obstacles to the e-commerce platform, particularly with the method of small payment and daily transactions. Imagine if you purchase a ten cent item on Amazone and pay by Bitcoin or Ethereum. With the present rate of a Bitcoin $10,000 and ethereum of about $600+, the payment are extraordinarily confusing as a result of too several zeroes in the decimal place. Not to mention this high group action prices, the payment of ten cents by Bitcoin or Ethereum isn't possible.

The original concept of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency proposed a transparent, borderless, instantaneous, secure and affordable means of carrying out transactions but over the years cryptocurrencies have deviated from this concepts. BTC which is the pioneer cryptocurrency has been hampered with slow transaction speed and a high cost of a transaction due to the massive increase in a transaction. Most of the notable cryptocurrency are also culpable of these deficiencies and this calls for a superior platform that solves these issues and provides superior fintech and e-commerce services.

the miners who add a transaction into the block, do not receive money from each transaction, so they are not interested in having to delay some transactions, while others pass quickly. Instead, Nexty gives each miner a fixed monthly income.

Nexty will be able to change the existing attitude to the blockchain, as it will speed up transactions hundreds of times. If right now transactions take up to several hours, it is unacceptable for real business. When you pay for a сup of coffee, you can't wait a few hours for the payment to arrive at the coffee shop account. But with Nexty you don't have to wait a second - the operation will happen instantly. In addition, you will pay exactly the amount that the barista will indicate to you - and not a penny more. No commissions! This is a revolutionary approach to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and right now it is becoming a reality! 

Nexty is built on the strong and loyal community that is why finding new referral won’t be a problem – a lot of small businesses and startups may be interested in multiple benefits offered by the platform for their businesses.

What benefits all Nexty investors get:

  • Exclusive premium features for the NTF holders. Thanks to POF concept, it is possible to earn lifetime bonuses in the form of NTY coins provided by the DCCS-based network and Price Stabilization.
  • An ability to join Smart Staking, Affiliate and Bounty programs until the end of 2019.


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