CoinTradeBase is a multi-sided platform which incorporates different kinds of exchanges to shine users’ experience, and oversimplify digital-to-fiat and digital-to-digital exchange among traders, investors and ordinary persons. The fuel which powers the ecosystem is the CTB token, which will be used to pay for the listings, and votings, with a special market created for different CTB-altcoin pairs. CTB token is an ERC 2.0 token issued by Coin Trade Base. Our mission is to build a robust platform which can withstand any amount of influx, cast off any security threat, and stand the test of time (as regards positive users’ experience and feedback). To boot, we strive to make Coin Trade Base the number-one and largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world in terms of safety, trust, active support system and simplified user’interface for beginners, pro traders, ordinary persons and investors.


i. Digital-to-Fiat Escrow Exchange

This is the first product of Coin Trade Base, and it will feature two different kinds of systems through which people can exchange their fiat money for cryptocurrencies vice versa. The two systems are : Absolute Escrow Exchange and Digital-to-Fiat Exchange. The two exchanges will be discussed in this section.

Absolute Escrow Exchange

This exchange system embraces a trust less linkage between a buyer(someone who wants to exchange his fiat for a cryptocurrency) and a seller (someone who wants to exchange his cryptocurrency for fiat). The mode of operation is simple and allows two persons to perform a seamless transaction in a transparent environment. The architecture of this exchange system is depicted diagrammatically below:

Digital-to-Fiat Exchange

This is a fiat-to-crypto exchange which allows users to deposit fiats, and trade them against cryptocurrencies. To keep track of the trade history and market psychology of a particular pair, there are charts, and to make predictions about the directions of the markets, there are indicators alongside other cool features.

ii. Digital-to-Digital Exchange

This exchange allows users to trade different coins and tokens against each other, and is designed to be user-friendly with oversimplified user’s interface.


Decentralized Exchange

This is the third product of Coin Trade Base, and it will come at a later date after the launch of the first two exchanges. This exchange will feature an absolute decentralized authority on the end of the users; the users will have an absolute control over their funds without any centralized body. Directly from their wallets, they will be able to swap between crypto assets. 

Advantages of CoinTradeBase Exchange

1. Proof Of Burning And Income Split

As an incentive for holding CTB tokens, a certain percentage of the profits accrued daily will be converted to CTB tokens, and burned. This, in turn, reduces the amount of CTB tokens in circulation, and ensues the scarcity of the tokens. This will naturally create a significant value for the coin. To boot, upon burning,

Profit share: up to 70% of the actual income generated from our decentralized Exchange will be airdropped to the holders of CBT token every month.

Trading fee: up to 50% discount on trading fees by using CTB token on our exchanges.

2. Advanced Security

Cryptocurrency exchanges handling users' funds and data have to be secured. In the past, many security breaches leading to the loss of funds and data have been recorded in most exchanges. To make Coin Trade Base secure and ensure an absolute safety of the users' funds, a multi-factor, dynamic, and authentication mechanism - to sensitive operations like withdrawal, etc - is adopted, and funds are held in a secure cold storage. This provides maximum security for our users. To boot, wallets in the platform have adopted multiple security levels of storage solution in line with their storage scale, and utilized cold storage and encrypted databases. We have stored the micro-withdrawal wallets in the private network architecture which has multi-layer firewall on the basis of security isolation. Thus, financial safety on this platform is taken diligently with utmost professionalism.

3. Low or no transaction fees

Most exchange platforms charge exorbitant fees on every transaction, and this is seriously affecting the users' profit. However, on Coin Trade Base, there are low or no transaction charges. As a result, our users gain more outputs. Simplified user’s interface One of our aims is to make cryptocurrency trading and exchange easier for both the beginners, ordinary persons, and the professional traders. Coin Trade Base’s interface is simply designed, easy to access and understand, and facilitate cryptocurrency trading more than other older and clunky exchanges.

3. Unlimited high performance and worldwide presence

Coin Trade Base is a powerful and reliable platform built to withstand the present and future cryptocurrency market. Our exchanges’ servers will be powerful and dynamic to handle millions of transaction per second (according to the future market demand). Therefore, we can guarantee that there will be no delay or lag throughout the whole core order process when the market booms. CTB servers are located in global regions: Asia, America, Europe, Australia, Africa and more, and there will be fast server responses wherever the users are.

4. High liquidity and multiple cryptocurrencies support

High trading volume gives more liquidity, and the higher the exchange’s̕ volume, the better. In the early phase, CTB will provide BTC, CTB, ETH, BCH, NEO and USDT markets pairs with a significant number of cryptocurrencies and standard ERC20 tokens. The support list will be gradually increasing over time.

5. Active 24/7 customer support services

At CTB, we value our users and have put in place 24/7, professional and friendly customer support team members, who are ready to attend to our users' needs at any time of the day, without any delay. CTB will offer customer services through different means including webpage, hotline, e-mail and social media. As the number of users grows, so does the customer support team grow simultaneously.

CTB Token Details

Coin Trade Base (CTB) token is a decentralized and peer to peer ERC-20 token issued by Coin Trade Base (CTB) cryptocurrency exchange and built on Ethereum Blockchain technology with a total supply of 200 million in which 80 million is set as reserve.

Name: Coin Trade Base Token

Symbol: CTB

Standard used: ERC 20

Contract address: 0x8eca0b6bc91d08fb9b7abde8a701438066de0204

Blockchain : Ethereum

Total supply: 200 million

Token type: Utility

Hard cap : $12.749 million