The current recruitment process is filled with a lot of problems that limit employers from getting the best candidates for their job and job seekers from getting the job they deserve. As unemployment rate continue to rise and job seekers competitite for the few available openings, certificate forgery and falsehood in resumes has become the order of the day. Although they are some platforms that has tried to solve some of these problems but invariably due to their centralised nature they haven't been successful. Some of them have only managed to enrich themselves with no monetary incentives for the users who make up these platforms.

The Solution

The SpringRole Network is a Blockchain based protocol for a trust based decentralised professional network. SpringRole aims to solve the ambiguity in the hiring industry by pre verifying a candidates credentials and putting it on the blockchain and also incentivize users. Users on the Spring network will be able to view other users profile, share information and importantly get attestations on their professional profile. Individuals can have their professional profile attestesd by first signing up on the Spring platform and thereafter upload their education qualifications, work experiences, and skillsets. Users will have to undergo 2 levels of verification which will ensure that they are really who they say they are. Organisations will also be required to sign up either by the owner or the HR. The degree awarding institutions on the Spring network will be tasked with the role of attesting for user's education qualification, course and examination providers also endorse the users who offered their course or took their exam. Past employers will attest for a user’s work experience if the user truly worked with them, once this has been verified it will be written to the blockchain. While education qualification and work experience are important for scoring an interview, it has been established that recruiters actually place a higher value on skills. Skills attestation is harder to attest for in the sense that the proficiency of an individual in a particular skillset cannot be objectively proven either by exam or correctly by past employers since an individual most times display only the particular skill needed at work. This leaves skillsets for users who have had past experiences with the individuals to attest for them. The skill attestation will come from users who are in the individuals network. All these will come at a small cost, this will make sure that the platform is safe and secure from those who would want to manipulate it by creating multiple profiles to attest on their behalf. Freelancers who are looking for a gig are not left out of the Spring platform. They will receive endorsement from those they have worked for. This will go a long way in increasing their reputation on the Spring platform and inturn increase their chances of getting hired for new gigs. EveryEvery individual on the Spring platform can endorse the profile of other users.

The SPRING Token

The SPRING token an ERC standard token will be used to endorse or attest for a user's professional profile on the Spring network, likewise companies who wish to gain access to potential employees attested and validated resumes on the Spring network will also spend SPRING token in order to do so. Users on the platform can earn SPRING tokens through the different roles they play on the network, by refering individual and companies to sign up on the Spring network, through endorsements they receive, by validating a user's profile or by working as a mediator in a project. The SRING tokens can as well be traded on ERC exchanges for other tokens. Through this, users can earn passive income for the values they lend to the network. Conclusion

The Spring Platform will save potential employers a lot of time and cost and importantly they will have a community filled with potential employees whose resumes have been attested for. As the Spring network expand and become a major player in the industry, users will also receive their share of the success.

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