The content industry is about to wear a new look, a once centralized industry that mainly brings value to the big players will be revolutionized into a decentralized body rewarding every player in the process.

The Problem

The value of any platform is dependent on the involvement of the people on the platform, but the problem is that media platforms have failed to recognize the value their audience bring to them. None of these platforms has ever thought of rewarding their teeming audience for their added value because without the users these platforms will simply not thrive. Take social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for example, without the millions of users on these platforms their revenue generation will dwindle. So, these users bring value to the platforms.

The Solution

MEDIA Protocol is building an ecosystem that will revolutionize content distribution, marketing, advertisement and a reward pool for content consumers. While we spend a good part of our day reading different contents on the internet, what if we can get paid for performing these activities? This is what Media Protocol is about to content consumers, while a consumer reads his or her favourite news or watch his or her favourite videos on any application or website that integrates MEDIA Protocol the consumer will get rewarded for doing so. Other activities like sharing the content on other media platforms, liking the content and market research activities will also be rewarded. The MEDIA Protocol token (MPT) an ERC20 standard token based on the Ethereum Blockchain will be the economic driver for the Media Protocol ecosystem. Content consumers will be incentivized with MPT token. This token can be used to pay for access to paywall contents either per article or on a subscription basis. The tokens can also be used to tip favourite content providers for creating quality contents and dApp developers too. Since it’s built based on ERC-20 standard, the MPT tokens will also be traded on any ERC-20 exchange for other tokens.

MEDIA Protocol understands the need to protect consumers’ privacy, instead of consumers having to disclose their personal information each time they want to pay for a content on the internet, all a consumer needs is the Media Protocol wallet to facilitate paywall payment and tips and also receive and store MPT Tokens. The MEDIA Protocol wallet is like a Swiss army knife, clean, simple but reliable. It is the wallet you'd want to take everywhere.

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