There is a lot of discord today in the entire content distribution, marketing and the advisement process due to the inefficiency of the centralized bodies who are involved in the process. These platforms such as social media platforms, search engines provide the means for content creators/publishers to advertise their content in order to reach a wider audience. While this system has worked until now, they are a lot of inefficiencies in the system, they take away a lot from content creators and publishers and most of the time offer them nothing in return. Simply marketing of contents in these platforms is not enough to drive the relevant traffic to the content, this is because most of the time these contents fail to reach the target audience. For instance, I can’t remember how many times I have had to turn off some irrelevant ads on my social media pages. This is a major problem for content publishers because they end up paying more for less.


Instead of the age-long practice of paying for ads with the hope that the content will reach its target audience, MEDIA Protocol's solution is one in which the publishers will reach their audience directly without intermediaries. Instead of paying media distribution platforms, the publishers instead incentives content consumers for reading, liking, sharing their content on other media platforms. The publishers benefit from cost saving because he no longer has to go through a middleman, the system is now more efficient and transparent because every activity can be monitored in real time thanks to Blockchain technology. All these at a fraction of the former cost. Incentivizing content consumers will be a driving force for audience engagement. Content publishers will ultimately get the deserved value for the money they spend. Important

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