Welcome to the YOCOIN platform. Yoc is a completely decentralized Platform. Its fundamental capacity is a chance to make and place smart contracts and the decentralized applications on its basis. It is hard to overestimate the upsides of these applications since they limit any dangers associated with various kinds of activity. The administration of back when the ICO is completed, benefit protection, exchange, coordination’s, the formation of accomplice programs, the production of new stages for gambling’s are the most well known circles of utilization of these agreements and applications nowadays. It is an inadequate rundown of potential chances of the blockchain innovation utilize. For those of you who are interested in joining us follow this information: https://www.yocoin.org

Digital money has been existing for a significant long time now. Utilizing most slanting cryptographic money in the blockchain innovation; ethereum and Bitcoin. Numerous years back loads of early Bitcoin adherents and troubles with their store however they clutched their convictions and coins. As a business and even in a general sense, there is dependably a possibility or a propensity for difficulties to occur, both in the crypto world. Fortunately circumstances are different, these days, blockchain innovation is encountering new blast. New blockchain plans are made every day. Indeed, even Bitcoin, which chip away at the chief and the best Blockchain, is being redesigned for applications whereof its makers have never longed for. By the by, there has just showed up a potential subsidizing component for the Blockchain’s – starting coin offering or ICO. It ended up being to a great degree lucrative, albeit lawfully questionable. For example, a man chose to utilize the application, yet he can't make instalment utilizing basic money, he needs to purchase uncommon coins for this application, which were already discharged to the market, and pay them off.

As of late the Ethereum increase and the expanded consideration regarding the stage have prompted a genuine heightening in the cost of Ethereum based decentralized applications and progressively costly use of them. In the meantime, the interest for these applications is superlative and there is no motivation to trust that this pattern will change in the closest future. All that happen on the grounds that in the Ethereum organize clients must pay specifically for the register limit they utilize paying little heed to whether they have influenced a wagered available of forecasts or they to trade messages utilizing a decentralized envoy. 


The Yoc as a platform has some benefits and its uses which cannot be found in any other platform, the Yoc platform will grant you the opportunity to created and generate your own token. Today there are many kinds of tokens, such as tokens certificates, tokens actions, and credit tokens. The operability of these tokens is provided with our platform since they are created by means of the identical standard. They become automatically executed by any purse. The contract or the application uses the same standard. The sweetest part of it is that you can customize the logic in which it is going to operate on the rules on it can change and correct issues when token develop some certain problem, You can give to tokens owners additional authority, for example, an opportunity to vote or act as the arbitrator whose opinion will be apprehended according to a share of his possession in a total of the released tokens. Anyway, the use of the present possibilities is limited only to the imagination of the creator of a digital asset.

With Yoc you can do the following below:

YOU CAN CREATE: • Token that can be traded with fixed inventory • A central bank that can spend money • Cryptocurrency-based puzzles.

YOU CAN DEVELOP: • Crowdfund for pre-selling products • Crowdsale to sell virtual shares in blockchain organizations • Auction of goods in limited quantities

YOU CAN DEVELOP: • A virtual organization in which members choose to take any decision • A transparent association based on the voting of the State shareholders • You yourself with an irrevocable constitution • Democracy delegates better


The new platform provides a new approach to crowdfunding. Through the YOC platform, you have the opportunity to exclude the trust component between you as a future supplier of goods or services and investors, where is it strange to doubt making a decision to invest its own money in realizing the idea.

You have the opportunity to create such conditions, after giving them a smart contract that will allow saving money from investors, the conditions set in him will not be satisfied.

Creation of autonomous organizations democratically.

Imagine how a centralized organization works. There are people who are responsible for adopting strategic and important decisions. People who make large amounts of documents and reports, accountants involved in the calculation of material value, etc.

Token Yoc and payment details.

Gas is the unit of measurement used to determine the amount of rewards for a particular computation. Gas price - is the amount of "yoc" you can spend on each gas unit. The gas price is measured in "GWei". Wei is the smallest unit of yoc, where 1018 Wei is only 1 yoc. One GWei equals 1,000,000,000 Wei.

For each transaction, the sender must set the gas limit, as well as the gas price. The gas price as well as the gas limit is the maximum number of Wei, which the sender is willing to pay for the transaction. Let's imagine the sender sets the gas limit of 50,000 GWei, and the gas price is set at 20 GWei. This means the sender is ready to spend up to 50,000x20 GWei = 1,000,000,000,000 Wei or 0.001 yoc for this transaction. gas limit - is the maximum amount of gas that the sender is willing to pay. The sender can make transactions as long as his account balance is sufficient to cover this maximum. Subsequently, the sender will be compensated for any losses associated with incomplete gas usage at the end of the transaction, with gas exchanged for the original value.

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