Ever since IoT Chain was launched, I've kept a close mark on it, and the team behind it and I have to say there isn't a time IoT Chain team is engaged in an event, they strive to keep their community active and updated. I'll be sharing with you the recent event and latest development.

On the 3rd of July IoT Chain released an article outlining the use case of IoT Chain, one was; Share Economies which talked about how price discrimination and a lack of transparency in the distribution of benefits over time has made the shared economy market vulnerable. IoT Chain (ITC) provides a decentralized resource sharing solution that supports peer-to-peer value exchange. In the IoT Chain solution, users can conduct free peer-to-peer transactions for their resources without a third party.

Another use case of IoT Chain is Photovoltaic Energy here they talked about how photovoltaic cells are used to generate electricity, the energy output rarely matches demand perfectly, which results in waste. By using IoT Chain, photovoltaic energy partners can build decentralized green energy sharing communities. Direct peer-to-peer transactions can be used to match users with electricity demands to those with a surplus.

You can get more insight on this by visiting this link; https://iotchain.io/news/newsContent/201807051106.html 

The IoT Chain team were at Guomai Technologies headquarters in Fuzhou recently. Guomai Technology is China's leading information and communications technology service provider. The ITC team believes that the core value of the blockchain in-vehicle networking is the control of data. The first idea is using a hardware-based solution that controls the calculation process. Another idea is guaranteeing the data using an algorithm. The ITC team will continue to communicate and cooperate with Guomai Technology, exploring blockchain integration with the Internet of Vehicles.

Read more about this here; https://iotchain.io/news/newsContent/201807031609.html 

IoT Chain bounty has been ongoing for two months, on 2nd of July they released an how bounty hunters can go about withdrawing their earned tokens.

Step 1 once you've logged into your account, click the account button in the upper right of the page.

Step 2 Confirm the withdrawal address is correct and then click the "Withdraw" button.

Step 3 Enter the number of points you wish to withdraw and submit your request. Each withdrawal must be a minimum of 20 points.

Step 4 Click the "Withdrawal Records" button to check the withdrawal progress

Note: Withdrawals are usually completed within three working days, so you'll need to exercise patience.

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