As the modern world progresses and develops at its fast-paced rate, there have been many issues within the economic world due to the way in which data has been processed. The global network that we all coexist in is incredibly reliant upon data and the nature of this data, and there is a huge amount of fraud and ineffective, inaccurate data floating about. It is also common knowledge that the way in which data is distributed is unfair and often ‘large company’ centric, disadvantaging the smaller companies who wish to exist on the global marketplace. Data that is available is often poorly stored and analysed, meaning that ineffective data results are often what companies are faced with.

Quadrant aims to solve these dilemmas and problems with its highly effective ‘blueprint’ for the mapping of data sources. Put simply, Quadrant aims to create what they term as ‘constellations’, or data smart contracts as we know them, ‘nurseries’, these are the data providers themselves, and ‘pioneers’, those that have the incentive to create innovative constellations (data smart contracts). Not only does Quadrant easily and simply exist within the decentralized presence of the global market, but it also exists quite neatly within the centralized, old style of marketing that is currently present in the global market. By utilising what they term as their core blockchain – Data producer, Data consumer and Anchor, means that the highly efficient nature of blockchain technology will be utilised to its best potential.

The two currencies that the platform exists on are the eQuad and QUAD currency. The first token is one that will be able to be converted to the second at a later date and will function as a gateway token to investing within the platform itself. With the large amounts of data that are currently available, but that are poorly stored, by utilising the ‘constellation’ nature of the platform, the protocol is able to cohesively and comprehensively coerce the data into being valid, valuable and easily analysed by the companies and users who wish to use it.

Historically, data has been a hugely hot topic, with many problems arising from the inefficient and inaccurate what it has been sorted, transferred and sold. Quadrant aims to simplify, transparently and in a decentralized way, ease the way in which this data is provided to those who require it. Large companies have often had a hold over small companies with their ability to garner huge amounts of data, due to already in place customer loyalty and ease at which they access that data. Fake and unauthentic data also poses a huge problem, and through the ‘constellations’ Quadrant are able to factor out the risks found with false data.

Quadrant oozes simplicity, and I believe this is at the core of its success. By increasing the trust in the data it provides, and following this, increases the trust between the transacting parties, and all of this is fone before it even begins to map the disparate sources that it has gained the data from. The very fact that there is data stamping woven into this protocol, means that data verification is now possible. No longer will the industry be non-transparent. The vast spaces between data sources that often lead to ineffective and dangerous data sources will now be mapped and stamped, The way in which Quadrant describes the protocol is incredibly similar to the way in which constellations are mapped, and this incredibly forward thinking and innovative way in which the platform has tackled the issue of data sharing is refreshing to see. Th platform aims to regard all who partake in the data process, thus resulting in a more coherent way in which data is recorded and shared. If all members of the chain reap the rewards from the data produced a shared, it will mean that the way in which the data is shared will become safer and more accurate.

Data Vendors – those who replicate and distribute the data, will be able to see who is utilising and using the data they have provided, thus ensuring that any data they provide in the future is relevant and rewarding to them, Atomic Data Providers through this protocol will be fairly and accurately recorded for their participation , and the way in which their data is shared and utilised will be efficiently examined through the use of blockchain technology.

Quadrant also emphasises the importance of what they see as ‘lessons’ or those that create the constellations through the utilisation of the data provided, and ‘Guardians’ – the nodes that protect the integrity and security of the blockchain. These very features all lend themselves to the highly efficient nature behind this excellent platform. Trust is much needed within the global data community, and Quadrant is doing its very best to increase this at a hugely exponential rate.

Looking at this highly effective, decentralized data blueprint that is Quadrant fills me with hope for the way in which blockchain technology can improve and increase the rewards of the cryptocurrency universe. The very concept of Stamp verification for data collections and consumer usage, the notion of Open constellations to allow two-sided data contract creations, and the importance of Network Nodes and the clients who use the platform, means that overall, Quadrant is most defiantly one to watch, and indeed invest in. I will be eager to watch this platform grow in success and size.

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