Hello dear friends, today I want to touch on the topic of car sales and the problems that prevent an accurate assessment of the cost and condition of the vehicle. The Auto Block project will become the central application in which it will be possible to sell vehicles using crypto currency. The advantages of the new system make it possible to make transparent transactions, as well as reliable condition and technical characteristics of the vehicle being sold. Most large dealers are ready to apply a new crypto payment system in practice.

The most important problem is that all data on the state of vehicles are entered in the state registry, which can be forged. Blockhain will provide completely transparent data in which any person can find only reliable information. Additional advantages: low transactions and fees, credit card or bank details are not stored by third parties, the “push” system automatically confirms the data request as soon as you sent your data about bank or card accounts, site autocoincars.com with a huge database of all varieties and types of cars.

The site Autocoincars.com will publish only the most up-to-date information on new and supported cars, car dealers will be able to also publish current information about cars. A mobile application will be available, as well as an API system into which other databases can be included. When you pay, there will be an instant conversion of crypto assets into fiat. An open database of each component of the transport means to cut costs many times, as well as reduce costs to 0, for the assessment of insurance companies.

You can now reduce your expenses many times. various data on the vehicle will be available: its age, mileage, model, overhaul, physical damage and past insurance claim. Also, when buying new cars, information will be given: how will the fuel consumption and cost change, how long the vehicle has separate parts in different climatic zones, how to choose the right car based on the owner’s proprietary wage and estimate the cost of future repairs and fuel. a mechanism based on consensus will confirm the validity of the data of these operations. Undeveloped countries have as many cars as possible, so the introduction of such a system is necessary.

Technical information

1 Autocoin = $0.25 . Softcap: 5,000 Eth. Hardcap: 40,000 Eth. Total 400 Million tokens. £50,000.00 Collected Now. Road map to be completed in the second quarter of 2019.

My mark

At the current moment, competitors have no such solutions for civilian vehicles. This will be the first project that offered such an idea — it is not surprising that at the pre-sale stage it has already collected more than 50 million euros.

Website: https://www.theautoblock.com/

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