Introduction to the Bitschool Personalized Learning Solution

Before technological innovations came to be, the processes of impacting knowledge were a bit difficult to carry out, as it ranges from the class rooms infrastructure, student adaptative skills, how assignments are been carried out instructions to follow and research systems. Also learning process was a challenge to both students and teachers/lecturers because students find it difficult to relate cordially with their teachers and vice versa, lacking proper counselling guide to students on choice of career path. But an educational platform known as BitSchool has come to revamp the substandard educational system. Focusing on the thriving factor for a smooth sailing educational system is not just what is taught, but how it’s been taught, and that is why the BitSchool platform has come to revolutionize the educational system with its competent team of intellectuals headed by Tom Ku, the CEO BitSchool.

Why BitSchool?

1. At bit school, learning is fun in the sense that courses are aided by processes that help students find and focus on the proper courses matching their current learning abilities and needs.

2. Bitschool’s educational system is aided/supported by a personalized learning solution providing an effective learning process helping students identify their learned abilities and identify knowledge gaps via various tests at an affordable cost, time and resources necessary for examination coordination.

3. BitSchool in its potential unravels the use of Artificial Intelligence for proper functioning of its educational path relating to the functional Blockchain process introducing its tokens (BSCH) for her Initial Coin Offering(ICO)

4. BitSchool introduces adaptive learning resources such as video aided systems targeted at improving learning abilities for learners and totally eliminating the anachronic system of learning.

5. BitSchool has a clear road map which is consistently followed to make sure the world gets the best projects about information/learning system by its unique team. Who We Are The BitSchool team consists of a group of teachers, tutors, students, software developers, global business experts, blockchain experts, neuroscientists, Artificial Intelligence experts and parents, passionate about developing excellence in education. The team has a combined 50 years of experience providing high quality education to a wide range of demographics.

What We Do

The BitSchool Personalized Learning Solution (PLS) provides a process that will help learners find the right courses matching their current learning abilities and needs. PLS learning helps learners examine their learned knowledge and identify knowledge gaps through adaptive mock tests, and provide intelligently generated learning materials that would help learners plug their gaps immediately in ways matching their learning styles. BitSchool employs the use of Artificial Intelligence to speed up the administrative process both for institutions and educators. It is pertinent to note that the BITSchool PLS can only be successful when it is powered by an expansive database of high-quality educational contents such as question/answer pairs or learning materials. The BITSchool resolves the major educational problems using scientific, comprehensive, and effective approach. Every individual has their learning process. By enabling continuous assessment, tailored learning materials, and learning style can bridge the gap in education. The tedious process of grading homework, evaluating essays and measuring student responses can require valuable time from lecturers and teachers who would prefer to focus their lesson planning and one-on-one time with students. Also, to check the learner’s understanding and progress, mini assessments may be implemented as frequently as needed. The adaptive test function of PLS shows that exams do not necessarily reflect the taker’s true performance. In BitSchool, through AI, tutoring and study programs are growing more advanced, capable of teaching fundamentals to students struggling with basic concepts.

How we carry out our Strategies

Block chain

The BitSchool blockchain uses a system of ‘Paid Per Use’. This will enable the education content creators trace their contents transactions and get paid.


The BitSchool GoGreen Fund is a platform to circulate token scholarships. It provides token scholarships to low-income students and also gives token rewards to tutor volunteers who sacrifice their precious time helping low-income students with the learning needs. This will enable the scholarship recipients to use their scholarships to purchase tutoring services or AI products on the BitSchool platform, while the tutor volunteers can use their tutor rewards to get their transaction fees exempted. In a nutshell, the GoGreenFund will open the doors for students in financial difficulties to receive equivalent learning opportunities compared to their financially lucky peers while tutors will be encouraged and motivated to contribute to equal learning opportunities. Unsold Tokens- These are usually put into the GoGreenFund.

Token Distribution

This is distributed as follows:

GoGreen Fund – 5%

Advisors – 3%

Founder – 6%

Team – 8%

Reserve- 2%

Bounty- 1%

Public fund- 75%

Our Partners

Entercube –

This is a Smart Test Solution (STS) company that was establioshed in 2014. The STS is a fully automated test creation and marking solution with innovative functionalities. The BitSchool aims at improving the STS to create the Personalized Learning Solution.

TechBridges -

TechBridge was established in 2015 and has been providing innovative programming curriculum to young coding aspirants. BitSchool’s partnership with TechBridge is to test and co-develop the PLS in the field of computer science and apply it to the assessment of student’s proficiency levels, optimal curriculum planning, administering and marking assignments automatically etc.

Pinmo- This is a North American digital marketing platform with a 55,000 person user base.

BitSchool’s partnership with Pinmo targets a global eLearning market, where BitSchool’s learning apps will be sold like games which matches the purchase pattern of the younger generation customers. Evilnut- Evilnut is an ecommerce web design. Evilnut’s partnership with BitSchool makes the learning applications more attractive and likable to younger users. Other partners include CIF, the Academy at the Shotton Hall, IRDNA, CAFA, Caroline Chisholm School.

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