Blockchain technology has brought a lot of benefits to our world. Today, there are so many ICO’s being launched all over the place and a lot of them, in fact almost all, are offering something that is based upon blockchain technology. However, still in this present time, there is an alarming rate of scam ICO’s where people lose all of their investments and has raised so much distrust in the cryptocurrency world. Where some ICO’s come through, the ROI they get is a far cry from their expectations, which further adds to the distaste that ICO traders and investors are left with. However, Tradetex has come to remediate the situation. Tradetex is a decentralized (blockchain technology based) wallet, exchange that was set up to ease cryptocurrency conversions, as well as simplify all crypto operations, consequently rebuilding trust in ICO’s. Tradetex will do this by offering a buyback option using the TDX tokens. With this buyback option, ICO investors and traders can give back their TDX tokens at any time of their choice, but based on the withdrawal cycle (10th, 20th, and 30th of every month) and at the same rate at which they initially purchased the TDX tokens. This will be so until the TDX coin is launched on the Tradetex exchange. Interestingly, Tradetex will offer zero commission on its cryptocurrency exchange. Its decentralized accounts balances are self-governed and offers the following features:

• It uses its own cryptocurrency to eliminate transaction fees

• It stores account balances in a decentralized smart contract

• It allows its traders & investors to take part in various investment plans

The different investment plans that Tradetex offers include:

• Staking

• Lending

• Altcoin Mining & Trading various cryptocurrencies

Note that, the TDX token is needed to participate in the above investment plans.

Tradetex has its proprietary cryptocurrency (TDX token) which traders must own to enable trading on the Tradetex exchange. Traders speculate on the price of Altcoins against the USD at the rate of 1USD to 1 TDX and trading profits and losses are denominated in the TDX token, as well as traders account balance, deposits and withdrawals. Also, TX tokens can be used to pay margin requirements. The unique opportunity given by Tradetex to trade and earn in the following ways is a stand out for me:

• Trading TDX coin and all other cryptocurrencies with TDX tokens

• Investing in different Tradetex investment plans with automatically generated fixed return, as well as trading option.

Steps on how to register as well as trade on the Tradetex exchange can be found on the whitepaper: .


• Zero transaction fee

• 100% dividend distribution

• Immediate token distribution

• Add funds

• Buy and exchange crypto

• Tradetex native cryptocurrency (TDX)

• Send funds

• No KYC

• Immediate referral income

• Anytime withdrawal from ICO

• Decentralized account balances

• Blockchain driven


Note that, TDX tokens are ERC223 complaint on the Ethereum blockchain and will befreely tradable for BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies. TDX tokens can be traded on any cryptocurrency contract on the price of BTC against USD, Ethereum against USD and Litecoin against USD, and more, for over 200 coins without incurring any transaction fees on their trades. However, buying and selling of similar contract in any other exchange will attract a commission fee. 35 million TDX tokens will be created initially and no new tokens will be created thereafter. The token sale will be in 3 phases:

Phase 1: 1st – 20th July at the rate of 1TDX = 0.50 USD with 50% discount

Phase 2: 28th July – 26th August at the rate of 1TDX = 0.75 USD with 25% discount

Phase 3: 3rd September – 12th October at the rate of 1TDX = 1 USD with no discount

Please, click on this link to register .


42.86% - Token sale

37.12% - Trading & Referral coins

20.02% - Management holdings


50% - Development & maintenance

15% - Operations

15% - Company reserve

20% - Marketing, legal and admin.


HY1 2017

• Team Hiring

• Feasibility studies to help teams connect to exchange information on a PoS network

• Website and wallet development

• Whitepaper preparation

• Tradetex platform testing and execution on the PoS system

HY2 2017

• Launch of Tradetex Exchange on Beta Version

• Wallet launch on Beta Version

• Development of interface for iOS and Android App

• Smart Contract development

• Development of security setups

Q1 & Q2 2018 – Complete exchange & dashboard launch and token deployment

• Technical and legal fulfilment of the project

• Tradetex Exchange launch with full functionality

• Staking Wallet go live with full functionality

• Lending Wallet go live with full functionality

• Profit Wallet go live with full functionality

• Trading Wallet go live with full functionality

• TDX tokens deployment on Ethereum blockchain

Q3 2018 – Token sale started form 28th May

• First 15 days we are having Pre-sale of TDX where 1TDX=0.40 USD

• Phase 1 [email protected] 0.50 USD from 1st July – 20th July 2018

• Phase 2 [email protected] 0.75 USD from 28th July – 26th August 2018

• Phase 3 [email protected] 1.00 USD from 3rd Sept – 12th Oct 2018

• Marketing push and Technical support

• Bounty System and Advertising

• Available iOS, Android App version

• Withdrawal is available

Q4 2018 – Coin listing, Farm establishment and upgradation

• TDX coin listing on Tradetex Exchange on 5th Oct 2018

• Establish first Crypto-Mine farm @CHICAGO

• Antminer S9 and S7 use

• TDX shareholders can take part in mining

• Mining Wallets are operational

• Upgradation in Tradetex Exchange

• Start of acceptance of payments by Visa, Master Card, Bank wire

Q1 2019 – Worldwide coin listing, start working on blockchain and crypto card

• TDX coin worldwide exchange listing

• Seminars by Tradetex team

• Global partnership establishment

• 1st dividend distribution to TDX holders

• Commencement of work on tradetex Public Blockchain

• Commencement of work on tradetex decentralized Tradetex exchange

• Commencement of work on TDX crypto metal debit/credit Cards where one can spend or pay in any currency without a fee

HY1 2019 – TDX card launch & alpha Beta testing of Decentralized Exchange

• Launch of Public Blockchain on Beat version

• Launch of Tradetex Decentralized Exchange on Beta version

• Launch of TDX crypto cards for online payments and transactions

• Tradetex make it possible to use TDX coins to pay for in-store purchases, online shopping and international cash withdrawal

• Worldwide meetups arranged by Tradetex team around new technologies

• Best security measures adoption to avoid scams on decentralized exchange

• 2nd and 3rd dividends distribution among TDX holders

HY2 2019 – Decentralized exchange launch

• Tradetex launches a public blockchain

• Tradetex decentralized exchange launch

• Any coin can be listed on Tradetex exchange by anyone without a fee

• 4th and 5th dividends distribution among TDX holders

• Introduction of new staking and Lending plans


• More Mining farms establishment with new technology

• Upgradation in mining technologies

• Introduction of more Staking and Lending plans

• Regular dividends distribution 

• Target markets in Asia, Europe, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, etc.

• More new and secure technologies will be introduced for blockchain and exchange


Robb Williams – Co-Founder and CEO

David Forrer – CTO & Blockchain Developer

Stephaney Taylor – Marketing, PR and Business Development Head

The benefits of Tradetex are quite clear to see. One can imagine how comfortable investing in ICO’s will be with the features on offer by Tradetex. I, urge you to invest in this project so as to share in its benefits when due.

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