The earth is predicted to be uninhabitable in 3000 years maybe and it is not only because of environmental problems but also because of the worsening social dilemmas that decay the moral fibers of the society. Crime rate is high, infectious diseases remain unheeded, physical abuse continues, environmental destruction gets worse, and so many other negative complexities hover over mankind. Governmental efforts are there, but the private sector also needs to cooperate. It’s a great thing to have charitable institutions, yet much to the disbelief of the many, charity help is not enough. But philanthropy may help.

It may be impossible to evacuate to another planet, but it is still possible to preserve what goodness is left in the world and even reverse the effects. And the concept of philanthropy is possibly the ticket to a better world. Trusting in the positive impacts of philanthropic works, a blockchain platform called Philanthor comes to life with features that would change the existing philanthropic system for the greater good.

Understanding Philanthropy versus Charity

The charity industry, believe it or not, is a multi-billion industry. Yet, one can ask why does it not create a change as everlasting as saving the elephants from being hunted for recreation or a change profound as reducing AIDS. The answer lies in the very nature of charity. By definition, charity is aimed to alleviate the distress or manage symptoms of the problem only. It does not dwell on the root cause of the problem.

Philanthropy, on the other hand, does not treat the symptoms but the cause or factors of the problem. Say, in the context of poverty, a feeding program is considered a charitable work but a livelihood program is a philanthropic work. In the case of a typhoon wreck, providing relief goods is an act of charity while re-educating the public on disaster preparedness and offering stress debriefing are acts of philanthropy. In other words, the changes are permanent and the vision is long term for a philanthropist.

While charities are essential, philanthropy has the biggest potential to re-shape the world. But there are problems that prevent philanthropists from giving the world the most effective solutions to social issues.

Problems Resolved by Philanthor

Ultimately, the present system’s problems can be divided into three phases: conceptualization, implementation, and evaluation. In conceptualization, there is the ever persisting dilemma of finding the most important or urgent social cause to contribute to. There are thousands and thousands of charitable institutions, environmental programs, animal savers, and human rights advocates all over the world to a point that philanthropists may sometimes end up selecting an organization based on popularity or referral. But this should not be the case. Choosing an organization should be a conscious and well-thought decision. Thankfully, with Philanthor, the organizations have been preselected based on merits. Unlike other foundation platforms, Philanthor has the right mix of organizations, depending on the prevailing needs of the times. It’s not just about giving scholarships for a whole year or planting trees in one region. Philanthor is balanced.

More so, it has a unique feature called the collective intelligence that allows other community members’ valuable insights to be seamlessly integrated in order to have a common community goal. The system’s decision making automation makes it more convenient for philanthropists to save time and have focus.

The second problem lies in project implementation. Some good ideas are not put to life because of the lack of funding or volunteers. Then again Philanthor has a solution -- its crowdfunding capability. The donations come in the form of tokens called PTH. Tokenizing the foundation industry makes it easier for a Southeast Asian kind-hearted housewife to donate to UN Women, which is a global organization. In the traditional set-up, sending donations abroad may still incur charges which are non-value adding either to the donor or the recipient.

Philanthor is based on a blockchain network and thus transparency is guaranteed. In the present set-up, there have been many cases already when foreign aid or any other form of help does not reach the intended recipients. The donors are left unadvised of the proceeds of their hard-earned money. With smart contracts, registered philanthropists in Philanthor are duly informed of how their money is spent. There is little to zero room for stealing with the distributed ledger technology or blockchain.

Lastly, the lack of evaluation is a pervading problem in the present system. How can a donor in America know about the outcomes of the HIV research in Japan? Are there standards set to evaluate as regards to the success of a philanthropic activity? These questions are only part and parcel of the confusion that troubles the donors, especially when it is a group fund. With Philanthor, this dire need for evaluation and communication is resolved using smart contracts. As a matter of fact, funds directed to impact investments may yield returns of investments to the donating individuals or corporations. This is how honest and transparent the system.

In all phases of philanthropic works, Philanthor has improved the process. With a more transparent and highly efficient system, more people who previously doubt the idea of giving through organizations will now be encouraged to participate. There will be a greater chance of resolving the world’s most pressing problems over time.

Token Sale

Philanthor tokens or PTH can be used to donate or re-donate. Likewise, those invested in projects that yield returns can be re-earned or given back to the community. To join in this noble cause of redefining the way of giving back and reshaping the world for the better, here are the sale details you need to know:

Ticker: PTH

Pre-sale Price: 1 ETH= 15, 000PTH

ICO Price: 1 ETH=10,000 PTH

Hard Cap: 20,000,000 USD

Bonuses: 10 to 50% depending on the period of participation

For other details, such as dates of sale, get whitelisted and receive regular updates.

For more information and details on the project, find them by visiting their official website or reading their whitepaper. Be updated as to the current events happening during the ICO by visiting their social media pages.

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