Hello do you know BITSQUARE ? Some of you maybe already know and use this TOR P2P desentralised Exchange. I noticed this exchange a few months but never touched it. My first commence is when Ethereum Classic tried to rule the world of crypto currency, of course BITSQUARE is the first exchange for Ethereum Classic.

This is a guide how to use BITSQUARE ,based on my experience with BITSQUARE.

You can download BITSQUARE here 


-The site will detect your OS and suggest you to download available version.

-Now search your download folder for bitsquare setup file, Double click on that setup file.

-Click install and make some noise 


This is what you get. This is your bitsquare Market Page and you are in Offer book Tab.  

Now lets see all displayed currencies added by me, Click "Currency". You can add these currencies display in "Settings". 

This is how to add currencies in display list. Click "Settings", Select your desired national currency or crypto currencies in drop down list.       

Now let's head to "Spreads" Tab , This tab displays statistics for all currencies.


Shall we trade now  ? Ok.... in this example i'll use XMR for trading.

Buy & Sell Monero (XMR) 

If you in "Market" page you will see Bid offers & Ask offers with Top 3 Offers.

To buy Monero click green long rectangle button "I want to sell bitcoin / buy Monero" This button will link you to "Sell BTC" page 

To sell Monero click yellow long rectangle button "I want to buy bitcoin / sell Monero" This button will link you to "Buy BTC" page 

Ok now let's buy some Monero. Click "I want to sell bitcoin / buy Monero" or "Sell BTC"

For first transaction you need to setup a payment account. In this case Monero account will be setup.

Follow these steps :

You can repeat these steps for selling monero, Setup for a monero payment account is no longer needed.

To deal with another crypto currency you need to add another payment account.

National Currencies

You can add national currency using the same steps as crypto currency.

  • Click "Account"
  • Click "National Currency"
  • Click "Add new Account"
  • Click "Select Payment Method"
  • Fill Your Information 



Protect your wallet with password :

Click "Account"

Click "Wallet Password"

Enter your Password and Repeat it

Click "Set password"

Wallet seed

You can recover wallet with seed words, Be sure to write your seed words with date and safe it in safe place.

Seed words :

  • Click "Account"
  • Click "Wallet seed"
  • Enter your wallet password
  • Copy or wriite seed words and date.

To restore you wallet :

  • Enter your seed words and date
  • Click "Restore Wallet

Backup Wallet

To backup your wallet follow this steps :

Click "Accounts"

Click "Backup"

Click "Select backup location

Create New Folder, Rename Folder & Select Folder

Click "Backup Now (backup is not encrypted!)"

Ok Folks .... Happy Trading