As the world has gone digital, so is everything that revolves round it. Many businesses as well as day-to-day activities are now carried out online and no doubts, there’s been a tremendous increase in online presence over the past few years and this is a welcomed development. But the internet is no longer safe as there has been a hinge on users privacy. Continuous pop-ups of ads on various sites and website hosts makes everything look awkward, and the most annoying thing is that hidden malware capable of stealing users information comes along with most of this ads. But however, we still have the chance to smile again as all these will be nipped in the bud with ONLINE.IO SOLUTION.

What is ONLINE.IO? is a platform dedicated to improve individual’s online experience with protecting users privacy through the introduction of a platform free from malware and unappealing(and unnecessary) ads.


  Individual’s data are not safe anymore; quite a lot of cash are made by web operators at the expense of you and i (internet users). Government and some private individuals pay a huge sum to obtain this info which can later be used for various purposes including tracking your moves and subsequently influencing your actions. But is set to significantly change the whole browsing experience where users can now surf the net freely without any fear of their privacy being infringed. And you and i will now have the right to decide on the quality of website we visit.

Why ?

  Some projects tried dealing with similar issues on protecting individual’s privacy, but non have been as direct as The transparency and simplicity of this platform with very experienced team can never be overemphasised, coupled with the following features:

> Privacy: all trackable techniques used to monitor consumers in order to create a detailed behavioural profile will be blocked.

> Security: spammy ads sometimes accompanied by malicious softwares are eliminated which enhances security.

> Trustworthy community: Users can rate the website regardless if they adhered to platform, thereby creating a community of trusted websites

>Free ads: You can now visit websites completely free from ads and irrelevant pop-ups. Bypassing digital advertisements means faster webpage loading time and a more enjoyable browsing experience due to removal of disturbing ad formats.

Two tokens will be generated

With the blockchain technology based on the etherium platform, creates the OIO and ICE token. The OIO is for proof-of-work (PoW) where coins are distributed based on individual’s effort in doing work for the whole infrastructure, and proof-of-stake (PoS) where coins are distributed based on user’s previous investment. Coins will also be distributed based on the proof that the user was doing some specific action for a rather long period of real time, and this is under proof-of-elapsed time (PoET).

Token Sale’s Details:

The public token generation event planned to commence of June 15th, 2018, and is characterized by the following:

>Maximum number of tokens: 2,500,000,000

>OIO token price: 0.04 USD

>Payment methods accepted: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Eth. Classic

>Adjustable distribution: Unsold and unallocated tokens will be destroyed

There won't further token issuances, only a single token issue for the Token Generation Event.

¶ Hard cap of: 50,000,000 USD ¶ Soft cap of: 5,000,000 USD


The websites operators and visitors will have a lot to gain from the highest security level because the spammy ads and malicious software distributed by bad actors must have been eliminated. Web operators need not be worried about losing ad revenues, new revenues centered on the time visitors spend on the web pages will be opened; ICE tokens are mined by web operators who implements the solutions using algorithm called prove of online. And this ICE tokens will be listed alongside OIO on major exchanges.








AUTHOR Bitcointalk name: Marteh