Stealth Grid isn't a foreign name in the network and communication world. Basically, it's a blockchain-powered platform, facilitating an improved data protection service within the cybersecurity industry. It's among the largest decentralized, self-sustainable, and most incentivized quantum mesh networks based on the innovative blockchain technology.

With StealthCrypto, Stealth Grid aims at decentralizing mobile communication using various technologies. In turn, smartphones will be able to communicate without having to rely on any kind of centralized infrastructure.

StealthCrypto refers to a proprietary cryptographic algorithm by Stealth Grid. That will add a crucial authentication ingredient to Stealth Grid's digital society, rendering virtually all connections impenetrable by outside threats. StealthCrypto boasts a top-notch, high-performance network that's incorporated to help protect one's data against the multiple challenges emerging in an ever-evolving threat landscape. It's easily scalable and conveniently lightweight. It'll inarguably set an all-new standard when it comes down to blockchain infrastructure.

The project will be able to offer various authentication components based on Quantum Secure Cryptography (QCS). That will especially be useful for elements like personal data protection, Internet of Things (loT), communications, and banking.

The Stealthcrypto Ecosystem

Here, StealthCrypto also has an ecosystem. This ecosystem will do some related things to smooth its work. among these are to create the network and expand the network. Besides, this ecosystem also will sell and own the network. Next, which is included in this scope as well to share and build the network. And for the last is will do the network.

StealthCrypto Stealth Grid Blockchain

Built on the decentralized, self-sustainable, incentivized and quantum mesh network-based blockchain-technology, StealthCrypto phones will feature built-in privacy control center. With the control center, a user will be the only person with total access to the device. Furthermore, it will come with space for a downloadable virtual wallet with access to several crypto exchanges.

The whole initiative is tailored for end-user privacy and focuses on end-to-end encryption for phone calls, video conferencing, emails, texting, and cloud storage. The uniqueness of StealthCrypto phones will stem out of the fact that it will belong to the burgeoning crypto world. With the Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) and the Split Encryption Authentication Integration, no single day will your privacy be exposed when you have this phone.

Quantum Cyber Security

Building a decentralized network of telecommunications and data storage is a platform for Stealthgrid. In addition to decentralization, this communication network is also the incentive, independent, decentralized, independent, and sophisticated telecommunication. While to make it happen Stealthgrid utilize blockchain technology.

In this case, the Stealthgrid platform does the power of data storage, telecommunications, and integrated communications that exist today. The embodiment of this is to make architectural changes from server-centric networks into decentralized networks that will be owned and run by users.

StealthCrypto (QMN) ICO

Stealth Grid will supply a total of 200,000,000 QMNs. The token sale is set to be held in two stages. Half of the total will be rolled out for sale in the first stage. The remaining half is set to be reserved for crowd-sale in the second stage.

The funds collected in the token sales will be steered towards developing the StealthCrypto's Cloud products in Stealth Grid's ecosystem. These will work as part of the firm's business model to guarantee a stable token system, and with a bright future.

Pre-token sale is open until April 18, 2018. Crowdsale will start on the next day and will last until May 18, 2018


Stealth Grid acknowledges the fact that we ought to shift to where individual freedom and privacy will matter more than convenience and reliability. They have already begun tracing that course. And, they will undeniably change crucial factors involved when engaging one another using StealthCrypto: reach, cost, and efficiency.

It's a promising blockchain innovation that will definitely radicalize the communications' infrastructure. Besides, it's anticipated to open up a broad range of opportunities to claim in future generations of the social and economic systems.

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