Good day to everyone, how are we doing today? Hope you are all fine and your day is going alright? If you are having a bad day, here is something to light your day up. How about earning some tokens. Xmax just rolled up their bounty campaign worth about 150, 000, 000 XMX tokens. But this how the campaign works, it is based on a rank and point system accompanied by some daily task along with referral. Your rank is determined by the points you gain from performing this task and the higher the point the higher your rank and also your rank is determined by the points of other participants and their ranks. So it is a battle/war and also fun.

So here is how to get started.

1. First, you register on the bounty site

2. Once you have registered, you log in with your username and password.

3. Once you are logged in, you are first required to link your social media accounts with the platform. To do that, click on the images below and follow the procedures that comes up. 

4. Once that is done, you then scroll below to see the reward panel featuring the earned points, your ranking, total points earned reward history as seen in the image below.

Now we move to the point earning stage. Note that each task can be carried out in any particular order. Firstly on my list is the twitter.

1. You are required to follow the xmax twitter, once you have done that you click on complete and it updates your point. As seen below.

2. Like tweets from their official account. Click complete once done.

3. Tweet and mention the official Xmax twitter account. Click complete once done.

4. Reply to any tweet on their official xmax twitter account. Click complete once done.

5. Join their telegram channel. Click complete once done

6. Add members to telegram also. Click complete once done.7. Take part in meaningful discussion in the telegram channel. Avoid spamming the group.

8. Next up we move to the writing medium article with a minimum of 500 words and avoid fud or else you might see your account getting banned. Make sure there is a lot of quality from your article. Mail your article to for review once done.

9. Follow medium channel. Click complete once done.

10. Subscribe to their reddit channel. Click complete once done.

11. Write quality Reddit article with a minimum of 300 words and mail to for review.

12. Make YouTube videos with a minimum of 1min and mail to for review.

13. The last task involves writing Facebook article with a minimum of 100 words and mail to for review.

This are pretty all the task involved in earning points and increasing your rank and not forgetting that the bounty campaign is up for only 30 days. You can find the counter on the homepage after logging in. For more info, you can read the rules on below the homepage. Also, you can follow them on their following social media account to get more information about the xmax project.

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