The fact is the world is evolving and blockchain is aiding to that growth, it is only fair that the e-commerce market take advantage. At Aligato, we aim to do things better. Aligato platform will make ensure safety, stability and transparency at a level unattainable by the solutions available so far. The Pay via Eye payment system, operating through ordinary cameras in smartphones or computers, will additionally strengthen the security of buyers.

 In 2017, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 2.3 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021.

The world have changed, the growing technological progress has allowed us to go a step further - to create and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) with trading platforms. AI have made it easy for collection and analyzing of data in real time that result to a more efficient work and personalization of customer experience based on information about it.

Aligato Platform offers a new dimension of Ecomwebsite

The growing problem of buyers wondering if the product they have ordered will comply with a specification and whether its payment and personal data will be safe. While sellers are not sure about the origin of the product, they are afraid of its quality and authenticity, the lack of which is associated with the loss of credibility, and hence result to financial losses.

Aligato have realize that things need to change for the better, so a platform is been created to tackle this problems. Platform Aligato 2.0 based on the blockchain technology will be;

• Placing all data about products and their origin on the blockchain will allow potential buyers to verify the authenticity of the goods sold.

• It will also allow you to find products more accurately meeting the requirements of recipients, as well as finding the same item with another supplier at a lower price.

• Suppliers will be able to verify whether the specification of the goods they produce is correctly presented by the sellers.

• Tracking the supply chain is enabled to check whether up-to-date and real information about inventory levels of suppliers and sellers will allow buyers to obtain reliable information.

• Using blockchain to record data. The data record will significantly reduce the number of processes and prevent the necessity of repeating them repeatedly. Hence; it will also reduce data duplication and eliminate the risk of data loss.

• Aligato user’s sensitive data security will be much upgraded. Better mutual verification of buyers and sellers will reduce the risks associated with transactions, and the safeguards provided by blockchain technology will reduce the risk of theft of personal and financial data of Aligato users.

• Aligato will be making use of all payment systems and methods available today which will offer buyers the opportunity to purchase goods and pay fees and commissions using the most popular cryptocurrencies and AligatoCoin, the Aligato internal token.

• AligatoCoin platform will guarantee the user much lower costs of using and servicing the website

The Vision The vision is to make life easier by providing unique, pioneering solutions that the latest technological achievements allow, while maintaining universal and proven methods where they function without any problems.


• First Phase (Q2 2018) which is completed. Phase 1 is about the Preparation of the AligatoCoin technical support, Pre-ICO start and preparation for ICO and Update of Aligato's purchase portfolio.

• Second Phase (Q3 2018). The aim of phase 2 is to create AligatoWallet application work starts and Beginning of AligatoCoin exchange listing process. At this phase the Tokensale is ongoing

• Third phase (Q4 2018 – Q1 2019). Phase 3 is about Aligato 2.0 development starts - preparation of full functionality and a new platform layout and the e-learning platform development begins.

The team have a Roadmap down to Phase 10 (2021), which is to have a Completion of works on the new headquarters of Aligato and an advanced work on creating your own renewable energy source to power drone.


Adrian Dymarczyk CEO, Developer & Bartek Juraszek CMO, Director, both Co-founders with Experience in building successful company strategy, IT systems, web developer and Entrepreneur skills, strongly involved in building and developing new business entities and new business projects. This Team Leaders are working together with a strong team and advisors to accomplish the vision of AligatoCoin.

Token Information

Name of Token = AligatoCoin Symbol = ALC

Platform = Ethereum (ERC20)

The amount of all tokens = 100 000 000 ALC

Soft Cap = 1 000 000 ALC

Goal = 35 000 000 ALC

Hard Cap = 70 000 000ALC


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