It all started in the year 1983 with David Chaum and Stefan Brands suggesting the initial algorithms of what we today know as “electronic cash”. Several ideas (cryptocurrencies) were offered afterward, and a few business mechanism patterns were also predicted. Even so, the data with information about the algorithm and also the working policy of the P2P network was publicized only back in 2008. 

Although, for many people, mining coins using hardware in their own house might not be entirely a profitable business due to electric power and maintenance costs together with increasing mining difficulty. Almost any type of decentralized cloud services which concentrate on the essence of contracts that are smart is generally made along with its own help.

Cryptocurrency mining will earn worldwide recognition only if everyone can afford it. Cloud mining offers the perfect entry for this. There is no need to buy a mining equipment, nor should you waste an excessive amount on electricity bills. What you just have to do is buy a mining contract and get going.

The history of the Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is a progressive idea, which was introduced in 2012 and suggested that the miners make groups (pools) that are able to reduce the mining bills and increase the revenue. In terms of this trend, the entire procedure happens in the cloud. You start to get a payback depending to their share soon after paying for the mining power, GHS. Cloud mining provides miners the chance to prevent such distractions as difficult setup, unnecessary energy consumption, volatile Internet connection, heavy maintenance, etc.

Cloud technologies are modernizing mining, in the same manner, they have transformed modern computing. Cloud mining providers eliminate the technical difficulty of mining, and also the noise and heat that are produced by equipment of mining at home. Some cloud mining services are a bit more costly with regards to hardware cost, but once you consider other elements including customs and shipping, along with your own time, the expense of cloud mining turns into a little more sensible. As well as, since companies can locate in areas with really low power expense, they can circulate those benefits on to consumers.

The Current Situation

At the current moment, there are some big players on the market. To take advantage of cloud mining, one thing, is without any doubts, to select a trusted vendor. Ensure that the selected cloud-mining provider is not new out there and has received an excellent status. The platform should be a real expert in advanced blockchain solutions and mining equipment. Selecting among the best Bitcoin miner providers is extremely recommended.

One of the most prominent representatives of cloud mining, offering the cheapest contracts, Hashtoro.

Features of Hashtoro

Hashtoro is a cloud cryptocurrency service that offers a safe and simple way to acquire computing power without having to buy hardware to mine cryptocurrency. It provides cryptocurrency solutions for everyday users and for companies that want to get into mining cryptocurrency, but can't afford to buy or set up mining equipment, or that want to diversify their portfolio by using's platform. The company's equipment is set up in several European centers, in countries favorable to the crypto industry.

The company offers mining opportunities even to those with low budgets, as its platform has low barriers to entry. Low service fees and availability of unlimited contracts. You can start on the platform for 20 Euros. That is the minimum plan available. Also, this platform gives you a hash rate increase of 10-20%, what is its primary advantage over competitors.

Hashtoro system determines which currency is most profitable to mine at the current moment and dynamically switches to mine that particular currency. At the end of the day, the currency is exchanged for the one the client chose to mine. Tests have shown that this allows the client to generate up to 10% more profit.

Some More Features of Hashtoro

Instant activation

You can mine for Bitcoin and altcoins by using the cloud mining service immediately after payment. Clients receive daily payouts.

Rapid withdrawal

The service offers an easy-to-use withdrawal feature with a reinvestment option.


Detailed and easy-to-understand analytics, available on demand

Neural net

The software is built on state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and neural nets in order to maximize client profits.


The company's software is based on machine learning algorithms and neural net models to help achieve the necessary pool and extract maximum profit. This allows you to maximize the income you can get from the hashrate you buy. The figures for the daily evaluations and income forecasts are always within reach. You can withdraw your cryptocurrency at any time using fast and easy-to-use tools, including an option to reinvest your income.


Hashtoro is authorized under the PCI-DSS standard. A trustworthy security protocol protects all of the data. The cash is kept in a physical wallet which is not attached to the internet.