Papusha Rocket ICO - is the latest technology to destroy oil refineries residues around the world. Instead of destroying flora and fauna, refineries get gasoline and diesel fuel for selling.

Rapeseed technology "Papusha" is the world's first rocket and space technology for receiving fuel from the refinery from the developer of the program "Energia-Buran" from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Papushi AI. This is the newest technology for the destruction of refined waste oils throughout the world. Instead of "killing" flora and fauna refineries receive gasoline and diesel fuel, which go on sale.

ICO household workers identify the production of small installations for processing heavy oil residues using liquid fuels using transonic combustion technology. The new treatment waste produced every day around the world is 1.35 million tons. One installation PRT-2, depending on its capacity, processes 30-90 tons of waste per day. The volume of installation PRT-2, necessary for the market, is tens of thousands of pieces.

This technology is included in the UN list under the author's name "Papush Missile Technology" (PRT). It's about recycling only new waste that does not clog our planet. For the treatment of precipitation and accumulated lakes, volumes that are several times higher than this value are required.


Papusha Rocket ICO is a project for the implementation of an financial investment blockchain product which combines significant technologies in the most important spheres of the world economy: finance and innovative technologies.

Important Point

  • Much or little? In total figures, this project discusses ten million barrels of oil per day or about one million 350 thousand tons.
  • Most of the refineries are currently in warehouses and lakes with dark masses are useless principles that pollute the planet's surface. Moreover, consistently the size of waste continues to grow rapidly.
  • The principle enzyme answer for handling waste (warm and compound separation) is very expensive and while it is not capable.
  • There is a giant hidden interest in new progress, allowing it to expand the depth of oil refining and the size of oil-based goods overall.

If you ask for simple ordinary citizens of any country, then surely every answer is sufficient to answer the question of the preservation of the earth in their circumstances, when there were not so many factories, machines, sadness, technogenic accidents, etc. Because of the impact of the principle on planet Earth. Scientists, companies, professors, inventors, etc., create a number of new technologies and tools, which in turn help reduce harmful factors destroying the atmosphere and land of the Persian planet Earth.

Many civilized countries build factories for secondary waste processing, building windmills and the Hindu deity principle panel does not consume fossil resources of the earth. Well, thanks to Soviet Union State Prize winners, world-renowned professors and scientists, Papushi Anatoly Ivanovich, the principle countries of having a Kwa oil refinery can do without the construction of storage facilities and ponds where waste and products can be collected.

There are many ways to recycle, expensive and inefficient thermal and chemical cracks in our rain tree now. To overcome this problem with the next profit, the installation of Academician Papush has been developed, the principle of contributing to financial profit, the return of the installation itself, the benefits of the Persian product principle produced and the preservation of the planet in the condition of oil and its products are environmentally friendly.

It must be taken into account that this type of utilization is unique and has no analog, and rocket technology principle Patented from Persian transonic combustion is a significant principle contribution to the future. Many prominent scientists appreciate the contribution of Anatoly Ivanovich Papushi, with the help of the principle that we preserve ecology and planet Earth.

But to implement any idea, of course, funding is needed. And that is why companies conducting ICOs to collect Dana principles are necessary for the implementation of their ideas. ICO starts on August 20 2018, where you can buy the project tokens and help them implement all the plans. Before investing carefully study the white paper, the founder of the project and the whole team, for decision making the principle is clear and competent.

Papusha tokens (PreICO) are arranged as tokens, perfect with ERC20 at the Ethereum stage and using locking innovations. Papusha (PreICO) observer groups - carriers, travel organizations, pioneering advertisements, as well as on-line stores throughout the world. With such focal points, Papusha (PreICO), in terms of sophisticated, protected and feasible locking principle innovation, Kwa has one billion dollars in the world market.

ICO Details

Token: PRT Platform:

Ethereum Standard: ERC20

Number: 100,000,000 domestic workers

Price: 1 ETH = 3,500 domestic workers

Payment: ETH

Soft cover:

Hard printing: 13 500 ETH


Number: 75,000,000 domestic workers

Beginning: 7/25/2018

Location: 09/09/2018

Token Sales Details

"Personal Sales": 01.06.2018 - 22.08.2018

ICO: 22.08.2018 - 22.10.2018

Name of Token: PRT

Blockchain: Ethereum

Standard: ERC20

Hard Cap: 13500 ETH

Total number of tokens: 100 000 000

Available for sale: 75%

Price per token: 1 ETH = 3500 domestic workers

Papusha (PreICO) with a Wallet allows you to monitor and coordinate several legs at the same time. The organization approaches more clients, which allows you to quickly offer your items on the bookmark. The Papusha Organization Trade Model (PreICO) helps to successfully reduce your obligations. Accomplices can increase loyalty more prominently to potential clients who use feed and stock parts. Papusha (PreICO).

Buy tokens PRT - you save the planet! And, besides, your investments will be very profitable. You get all the advantages and opportunities for holders of PRT tokens. Increasing environmental needs underscore the urgency of our development. Our profitable market economy allows investors to benefit from the real sector of the economy. It should be noted that the benefits of the project. Customers can also rent or use the PRT-2 installation.



Early scientific calculations for refining petroleum products Test the technology at the base stand in Dolgoprudny Successfully completed tests, technological developments and improvements


Completion of calculations, systematization of results Preparation of business plan, partner search.

Q1 2018

Preparation for ICO Creation of team, registration of technical documentation Development of intellectual contracts and economic tokens.

Q2 2018

Start ICO Advertising campaign Carrying out a personal round of sales.

Q3 2018

ICO Papus Missile Technology Issuing a home worker's token for exchange Development of operational documentation.

Q4 2018

Manufacture and purchase of necessary equipment and components Create and configure the first installation of PRT-2-30 Certification, obtaining specifications for connections.


Launch of the serial production of PRT-2, the first sale

Development of modules for the processing of brown coal Works on repair and introduction of gas generators, which provide cheap electric power for production.

Team of Developers and Scientists

Anatoly Ivanovich Papusha

Writer and developer of the project. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, academicians of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Academic Academy of Russian Astronautics; Academicians of the Russian Academy of Ecology; Academicians of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems.

Igor Klimov

Project manager. Blockhain enthusiast, winner of regional competitions in robotics WRO 2017, etc. In 2014 he graduated from the Kuban State University with a degree in "Applied Informatics".

Valery S. Petrosyan

Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. UN Expert on Chemical Safety, Honorary Worker of the Russian College, Honorary Professor of Moscow State University. 

Igor A. Papusha

Engineer-ecologist, graduated from the Russian Chemical-Technological University. DI. Mendeleyev, the project technologist. Participated in all the latest thematic developments of Papusha Rocket Technology.

Vladimir V. Davydenko

Head of the project Papusha ICO. Graduated from the Volga State Academy of Water Transport in 1995 as a mechanical engineer, Presidential program for the improvement of professional skills of management personnel in 2005, specializing in Marketing, Moscow Institute of Contemporary Academic Education in 2012, specializing in management and personnel management. A successful entrepreneur, a leader with 15 years of experience, an expert in the field of foreign economic activity.


Angelia Le

Angelia Le is the Chairwoman & CEO of FG Holding Group (focus on investment services, international media and wealth management) and Founder of F'enhance - global future technology community launched more than 10 countries around the world through Chapter.Angelia started her entrepreneurial career when she was 20. She has experience in many roles, such as ASEANpreneur regional manager, Ambassador for Women Leader International Networks in Australia, Global board for Young Women Leader International Networks, Host of Startup Grind Singapore and Vietnam and organiser for Techventure, Failcon and Google for Entrepreneurs in Singapore and Australia. She was the winner of Start-up Weekend Singapore Women in 2012. She is an active member of Women in Technology (US), Women Techmakers (Google). Besides, she is lecturer teach entrepreneurship and innovation for Biotechnology department in the National Science University in Vietnam.

Mikhail Ya. Lemeshev

Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, UN expert on natural resources.

Naviin Kapoor

Naviin Kapoor, founder of “The Times or Crypto”, “International Institute of Blockchain Academy”, blockchain & ICO consultant, and a business transformation leader with more than twelve of experience in project management and business analysis and more than one year of experience in ICO implementation, cryptocurrencies, ethereum, bitcoin, hyper ledger, EOS, consensus protocol and distributed/shared ledger technology. He has also attained various industry certifications such as PMP, CBAP, ITIL, PSM 1 & CSM. He had worked on various banking transformation projects – “sustainable and disruption”, which were initiated in various domains such as Retail Banking, Cash Management, Integrated Liquidity Management (ILM), Corporate Banking, Asset & Wealth Management, Financial Messaging, Regulatory Sanctions Filtering and Local and International Payment Systems.

Petr Myachin

Petr is a young businessman who only begins his way. Petr is 29 years old and he has already know what does responsibility mean. He is married and has 2 daughters. In age of 14 years Petr was confined to barracks in the Nakhimov Naval academy. It allowed to develop qualities of independence, discipline and punctuality.In 17 years Petr became the captain of the racing command of Russian Autoclub and in the first in the history led the Russian team to a victory in the 24th hour race in the United Arab Emirates. It allowed to get experience of team work and to develop such quality as leadership, endurance, work to a result. In 19 years Petr became the founder of business of cars tuning. It allowed him to get the first positive experience in a business management. In 22 years Petr got a job in VTB bank. It allowed to develop quality of diligence, eagerness. Also banking activities gave ability of execution of operation in time, negotiating, guiding production business. In 25 Petr working in IT industry. He will be CEO IThanks Inc. He working with another corporation like Yahoo, Tublr, Viber, Wargaming, BelHard, Paypal. In 29 Petr working on position product manager B&B Investment D.O.O

Andrey Lapato

He graduated from the Institute of entrepreneurship at the Department of “Business administration". Author of the annual FINTECH\Blockchain conference Smart Taler. Works as a marketing Director at BelHard.

Maksim Mishchenko

International specialist, Blockchain enthusiast, business development and investment promotion specialist. Maksim has extensive experience with the real sector of the economy of different countries. He participated in the creation of a technical literature series and the launches of several periodic popular scientific technical publications. He worked in the field of relocation of production with international companies in Russia and abroad. Maksim speaks English, German, Russian and Spanish.

Yuri P. Grigoryev

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Inventor of the RSFSR, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics, Academician of the Russian and European Academy of Natural Sciences, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR.

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