The emergence of social networks, for example, such as Facebook, has become a veritable revolution in the field of digital communications. Every day people use social networks to communicate and express themselves, to obtain the necessary information. Social networks have gathered around themselves a lot of users and are already an integral part of human life. Social networks disseminate information or important news much faster than television, and, as a rule, provide more reliable information. Every day millions of people through social networks express their thoughts, share photos and news, leave comments, make reposts and much more. For business, social networks provide unlimited access to their target audience. Huge money is made on advertising through social networks.

However, the social networking industry has its own serious problems:

1) Personal data of users are not protected in any way, they are in the public domain and can be used by intruders.

2) Social network accounts are constantly at risk and can be hacked and subject to hacker attacks.

3) Special services of different countries, as a rule, get access to personal correspondence of social network users, if there is a need for verification. On the one hand, this may be a measure related to the threat to national security, but on the other hand it is an intrusion into private life.

4) The freedom of speech that social networks provide is sometimes beyond the law of many countries, since people allow themselves freely to express themselves on issues of nationality, religion, politics. All this can lead to instability, incitement of conflicts on a national scale. History already knows such cases.

5) Social networks are mainly oriented only to profit. The content placed by users of social networks is often used by the company for profit. However, there is a Project that takes into account all these problems and offers a solution. Meet, Foresting!

Foresting is a social network of a new generation, based on blockchain technology, which guarantees the security of user data and gives an opportunity to receive a reward for posted content.

The Foresting platform includes 3 important components:

1) Social network. An important difference from traditional social networks is that Foresting will support and reward content providers. And an important indicator here is not the traffic, but the quality of the content, which will be determined by voting and evaluation of users.

2) The digital bank. Provides financial support for content creators. Provides digital banking services.

3) Laboratory platform. The main goal is to support the community, to create the necessary infrastructure for a full-fledged functioning.

The Foresting project was created as a convenient social network for each user, regardless of age. In order to use it, you do not need to know about crypto currency and blockchain technology. The platform interface is very simple and easy to use. Users of Foresting have access to a full list of services, the same, identical to the services of social networks, to which we are accustomed. Blockchain technology will ensure the security of personal data. In addition, only the user will have access to the data of his account.

The Foresting project will fairly reward the authors of content, which will be placed on the expanses of this social network. As remuneration, tokens of the company, which are called PTON, will be paid. Tokens are released on the basis of Ethereum (ERC 20). The distribution of company tokens is as follows:


Token : PTON

Platform : Ethereum

Type : ERC20

PreICO price : 1 ETH = 50,000 PTONs

Price in ICO : 1 ETH = 33,333 PTONs

BONUS 50% PTONs during the Presale.

Tokens for sale : 9,600,000,000

Min. investment : 1 ETH

Accepting : ETH

Distributed in ICO : 40%

Soft cap : 90,000 EH

Hard cap : 170,000 ETH


What FORESTING is trying to achieve is actually something that will benefit ordinary users. The big corporations have made end users products and that is why social platforms such as Facebook are used for free. Although this has been tried before, but if the Foresting team can do better than others, it will bring some equality and people will actually be able to own their own data and content (Confidentiality of personal information instead of the use of such information for advertising purposes). Every day, using social networking, you have to trade for free as advertisers get user information, hoping that FORESTING is a new revolution in protecting user information.

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