CryptoSouk is a next generation digital asset exchange, it useful for traders of every skill level, whether they are beginners or experts and making digital currency trading available to everyone. CryptoSouk is seeing unique opportunity to focus a cryptocurrency exchange which will be decentralized in nature in Middle East and Arabic language regions. There is availability of large number of traders and investors that seeks excellent customer service. Initially the platform will offer trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash and Monero.

A cryptocurrency trading platform has been launched by CryptoSouk from ST Vincent & the Grenadines and Kuwait. The exchange will allow its users for account loading by crypto or fiat payments. Users would be able to enjoy the best digital asset exchange which focuses on the needs of beginners, professional traders and digital currency experts. They are fully dedicated to making digital currency trading accessible, fast and totally secure. Please see its features mentioned below:

· Execution ability of 1 Million transactions per second with enterprise matching engine

· Native Charting

· Advanced APIs to access or provide liquidity to others

· There are more than 20 order options including, FILL or KILL, IOC, STOP, and LIMIT.

· Multiple integration ability for KYC/AML, Banking/PSPs

· There is combination of Institutional Grade Security with Cold/Warm/Hot Wallet rule based systems

· Interoperability with Traditional and DLT infrastructure

CryptoSouk provides multiple trade views along with 58 available indicators which include linear regression curves, moving averages and oscillators. The consumers will be able to access the custom trend lines and with the interactive user interface they can customize color and style of bars, borders, wicks, price lines, backgrounds and grid.

Token information:

CryptoSouk will issue its own token to fuel the platform, known as SOUK. It will be ERC20 compliant token with the target to raise minimum $1 million and maximum $10 million. Total number of token issued will be 52,000,000 SOUK with the price of $ 0.50. let us have a look on token distribution, 50% of the tokens issued will be available for sale to public, 20% out of total token issued will be kept as reserve for the company, 24% tokens will be distributed among team and advisors, 5% tokens will be used for bounty program and remaining 1% will be used for airdrop.

The fund received from token sale will be distributed as: for marketing and community purposes 20% of the proceeds will be allocated, 15% will be used for market liquidity, 25% fund will be used for product development and remaining 40% will be used for legal and licensing purposes.

The developers of CryptoSouk are confident that in this segment they will be able to achieve some success. Along with the improvement in AI in the future the cost of this company and its tokens will also be improved. It can be a good long-term investment, because it is likely that this company will offer a good return on investment in the future.

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