Gambling has a huge global reach, in recent years has always been a leading trend. We can not deny the positive contribution of gambling to the world economy, the annual profit that it brings is very high, some of the leading countries in the gambling industry are Macau, USA.

We can not deny the positive contribution of Gambling to the world economy. But besides that, there are also many negative aspects that we can not manage. People are always talking about fraud in gambling is inevitable, one thing that traditional gambling is having is the profitability of the user being manipulated a lot.Users will be completely dependent on the rules of the third party, where they can not control the fraud.

But there was a project, there was a team that saw this and could solve the problem, it was the URUNIT project. The project was led by CEO Roman Grushkovsky, a very talented and experienced businessman, promising to bring a new breakthrough to gambling industry.

1.URUNIT expert reviews

Highly rated by experts, rating points on the ICO rating sites are very high!

In addition, the project has strategic partners to ensure the success of the project. This shows the potential of the project is very high, they are not only interested investors, but also the attention of organizations and companies. Some important partners: Bancor and Latoken, ZCL...

2.The interests of the users are respected

The project aims to create a lot of profit for users, create transparency, fairness and users will manage their own games. This brings a whole new breakthrough to the gambling industry, breaking down the centralized rules of the traditional gambling industry. This allows players to better manage the rules they set, which will attract a large number of participants in the URUNIT platform.

In addition to using URUN to trade, holding large amounts of token will give players the opportunity to participate in daily awards on the project's system. This helps to create more profit for users who hold more URUN token.

3. ICO live

By analyzing the benefits that the URUN token brings, we wait for what we do not own right now?

Token URUN

PreICO Price 1 URUN = 0.00125 ETH

Price 1 URUN = 0.00125 ETH


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