We all have heard a lot about the blockchain technology in frames of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. In general blockchain technology is used as a simple payment method for secure transactions by various industries.

Some may do not have a clear idea about

What is the blockchain technology?

It is a technology that creates permanent and distributable data records which are shared in a peer to peer network database system. Blockchain technology records digital events and it is not allowed to be changed or recognized until it reaches the recipient.

The question pricks in everyone's mind like

How does blockchain actually work in the healthcare industry?

The era of blockchain technology has already begun. The fast progress in the development of new and more efficient healthcare record systems, medical examination systems with artificial intelligence, wearable devices and cryptography will become an important part of the way hospitals work.

Few improvements are still needed for a seamless blockchain technology adoption across the entire medical industry.

According to the recent survey, 42.9% of healthcare organizations are using the interoperability of electronic health records for faster blockchain implementation.

Blockchain technology in healthcare sector is used for the various purposes. Some are 

Data Provenance and Integrity

Data Transparency

Drug Traceability

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