Greetings to all crypto fans, today I want to tell you about the new Beatzcoin unique project and its benefits. Getting extra income using the Internet is very popular these days. Of course, everyone wants to have a passive way of making money, doing what he likes, and not being distracted from the main job. With the help of the decentralized Beatzcoin project, each user will be able to see other people and create their own digital content on favorable terms. Content is an unlimited resource, effective use that will allow you to get high income with minimal costs. One of the main problems with using content that is profitable is the presence of fraudsters in the network. Thanks to the decentralized platform and use of blockchain technology.

Apa itu beatzcoin?

BeatzCoin adalah cryptocurrency yang merupakan pertukaran nilai pada platform VibraVid. Bersama, VibraVid dan BeatzCoin menyediakan ekosistem yang memungkinkan para kreator dan pengguna melakukan pertukaran peer-to-peer untuk barang, layanan, melalui bounty, dan sebagai hadiah. Baik pengguna dan pembuat konten dihargai atas partisipasi mereka dengan menerima BeatzCoin, yang dapat mereka gunakan untuk membeli Konten, produk penggemar, dan tiket ke acara, serta untuk mempromosikan Konten mereka sendiri.

Beatzcoin menciptakan platform pemasaran global untuk produsen dan konsumen konten digital. Mereka berencana untuk mengubah cara periklanan berinteraksi dengan penyedia konten, serta menerapkan strategi untuk menarik pengguna, meningkatkan potensi pendapatan semua peserta.


More than 600,000 hours of video content and 18,000 hours of music are loaded into the main free streaming services on the Internet every day for consumers to see and listen to 1. This makes it very difficult for emerging content creators to pay attention. Creating high-quality content requires time and resources, as well as content marketing.


With BeatzCoin at VibraVid, we can offer users and creators new ways to make money to make, see, or listen to what they like. , whether they want to see the ad, and the creator must be able to decide whether and how often the ad will be displayed during the entire time of their content.

Benefits of Beatzcoin

Work on the project starts with standard registration. Most projects use KUS data verification during registration, to protect their services and other users from fraudsters and chat bots. The Beatzcoin platform is no exception and conducts a thorough check of each person registered.

By installing Beatzcoin software, users can create their own digital content on topics that interest them, fill it with material according to their wishes. A variety of tools are available on the project, thanks to which users can exchange views about publications, subscribe to favorite pages, etc. Working on this project is possible both in the web version and in the mobile application using a smartphone.

The interesting advantage of Beatzcoin is the ability to rent accounts with special options. All rights to content are provided and assigned to the owner, while trust management is carried out by tenants. When working in this field, you can determine what changes the tenant has the right to create content independently, and which - only in accordance with the owner of the resource.

The creator of Beatzcoin has created a marketing platform for creators of digital content on a global scale. This project proposes to explore various marketing strategies to increase user income. After the end of crowdsale, the creators of the Beatzcoin platform will release the new VibraVid project, which aims to bring together content creators and consumers of digital content with requirements that are beneficial for both parties based on the development of Beatzcoin.

ICO details

The Beatzcoin Token was released on the basis of the Tron network. The speed, cost and efficiency of Tron's transactions, combined with compatibility with third party services, wallets and exchanges, create the ideal environment for BeatzCoin and the platform (VibraVid).

  • Token name: BTZC ICO
  • starts on November 1, 2018 (9:00 Eastern Standard Time)
  • The total number of tokens given for sale - 400,000,000 BTZCs
  • ICO End - February 1, 2019 (11:00 Eastern Standard Time)

Nilai tukar akan bervariasi tergantung pada periode penjualan

  • ROUND 1: 1 TRX = 3 BTZC
  • ROUND 2: 1 TRX = 2 BTZC
  • ROUND 3: 1 TRX = 1 BTZC

BeatzCoin Airdrop Program

BeatzCoin estimates a total of 5,625,000 BTZC tokens to members of their community. Visit their airdrop form, complete the easy task and send your details to the airdrop form to get 50 stakes from the air deposit collection.

Step by step:

  • Visit BeatzCoin's airdrop form.
  • Join their Telegram group.
  • Follow them on Twitter.
  • Follow them on Discord.
  • Follow them on Linkedin. Subscribe to their Reddit page.
  • Subscribe to their Youtube channel.
  • Send your TRON wallet address and other details to "Airdrop Form"



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