AIVON is another decentralized blockchain startup and platform that is made and worked through the intensity of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) network. Pioneers and trailblazers of the said project set up together research and diligent work to comprehend issues in videos' metadata, content security, and online video confinement. 

The AIVON will utilize AI to guarantee the security of substance from grown-up, nakedness, savagery, liquor, and hostile dialect to give some examples. The platform will produce a certainty score and transform it into the Content Graph for legitimate show and survey by clients. 

The AI algorithms are conveyed through mining nodes to practice with sifting diggers' media documents, GPU, and CPU assets. It will likewise incorporate time-coded labels, video transcripts, and interpretations to list exceptional and needed media particularly video pieces. AIVON is an online video ordering platform controlled by AI and human validators. Their ordering technique is not quite the same as what is utilized today since they will utilize AI to do facial acknowledgment and so on the video. The human validators are there to balance the constraints of the AI.

The Problems 

  1. Online Video Is Global But Localization Is Big Issue: Online video is worldwide yet confinement is enormous issue-Another testing issue inside the video business is that minimum 80% of substance on the Internet is available in just a single of 10 top dialects. Most videos on the internet are just available in a solitary dialect, typically English. It implies that video dispersion is restricted and a significant part of the world is distant for substance makers paying little heed to whether their videos are open through web indexes and video platforms.
  2. Video Content Lacks Rich and Normalized Meta Data: Video Content needs rich and standardized meta data-Metadata should likewise be standardized and institutionalized in the event that it is to be utilized for better pursuit and revelation. On the off chance that the metadata isn't standardized and institutionalized, for example, when various uploaders transfer a similar video to YouTube with various depictions, you would get distinctive metadata dependent on who is transferring it. Since humans are one-sided with their own points of view, every human taking a gander at a similar video will concoct distinctive metadata data and labels for that video.
  3. Guaranteeing Content Safety For Brands And Viewers: Ensuring content security for brands and watchers – One of the most difficult issues in the video business is to guarantee video content are alright for our kids to watch and for brands to publicize on through access to metadata. Because of the quantity of online videos saw daily particularly by children, the significance of video wellbeing is winding up increasingly vital. 

AIVON Solutions 

Artificial Intelligence : Specialized AI algorithms will be conveyed on mining nodes, so diggers' CPU and GPU assets can be utilized to filter media records, produce the upgraded metadata including time-coded labels, characterization, classifications, transcripts and interpretations, and a file of the video objects. 

ContentGraph: AIVON platform will utilize AI to characterize a certainty score for every one of a few substance wellbeing qualities, for example, bareness, grown-up, hostile dialect, detest discourse, savagery, weapons, liquor etc.  These certainty scores will be joined into a vector called a ContentGraphTM which can be pictured as a structured presentation. 

Human Expert: AIVON utilizes a network of specialists with abilities in labeling, metadata the executives, interpreting and interpretation. AIVON will enable its locale with instruments which empower people to audit, check and right the AI-inferred metadata, including the arrangements, interpretations and interpretations. 

AIVON Token 

AIVON discharges ERC20 tokens or otherwise called AVO to remunerate and incentivize their individuals or clients. The said token will likewise be utilized as a type of installments in the entire AIVON ecosystem. 

The said platform has an ICO token supply of 350,000,000 and a hard top size of 18,000,000 USD (level). AIVON acknowledges monetary forms in either USD or ETH. The cost of one AVO is identical to = 0.16 USD. 


In spite of the fact that there are uncalculated dangers present in the platform being it a new blockchain startup, it highlights are noteworthy. The group, pioneers, and originators behind AIVON are one of the suggestions why this platform will gain trust from the individuals who are intrigued to contribute or bolster it.

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