Hi Guys ! all of you know I always bring you the information about good crypto related projects through my blog. So today I'm going to introduce you a new cryptocurrency based project called World Bit Bank

What is World Bit Bank project?

World Bit Bank is a project that will create a group of electronic money banks by buying existing banks in different countries.World Bit Bank facilitates fast and inexpensive real-time currency transactions based on blockchain technology.The project will kick off based on companies within the EU-registered World Bit Group. The head office will be located in Zug, Switzerland. The team implementing the project consists of banking, IT, marketing and financial experts, as well as lawyers who will establish the business to make a profit and create quality products for the business and its customers.

Why World Bit Bank?

  • Debit CardWBB will issue its own debit and VISA cards to conduct payments in cryptocurrencies. The cards will support all cryptos, thus, making payments with cryptos totally easy and hassle-free.
  • Cost: If we look at the present banks, the money transfers make us pay a lot more than the required commission. For ex: talking of Paytm banks, that deducts 10% of every money transfer done. WBB aims to wipe that off and bring in low cost transaction methods.
  • Transparency: Everyone can have access to anything in the banking history and background.
  • Speed: Make instant payments as many times as you want. The whole process is as fast as flying an airplane.

How does World Bit Bank work?

WBB enables its clients to receive timely and reliable information about all the cryptocurrencies in the world market, their features and investment prospects. The participants of the World Bit Bank system will be able to establish their own cryptocurrency account, store any amount of virtual money of different types and pay for ordinary goods or services by any cryptocurrency available on their accounts.

This project provides for the creation of a single cryptobank that unites 10 key world banks of the leading countries of the financial system, including Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, the United States, Canada, and enabling all its customers to buy, manage and capitalize cryptocurrency assets at any place of the world.

The mission of the WBB Bank is to create and ensure the effective functioning of an electronic banking crypto platform on the principle of blockchain for all its participants.

The main advantages of WBB:

  • Legality

WBB cryptobank carries out all its operational activities in accordance with the laws of the Eurozone and the laws of other participating countries.

  • Reliability

All personal data of the bank's clients are stored in a safe depository of digital assets and protected by blockchain technology. All the customer's funds are under his/her own control.

  • Transboundarity

Any operations of the bank's counterparties located in World Bit Bank ecosystem will now be carried out directly, without creating additional reserve accounts and conducting cryptocurrency transactions through the Central Bank. This increases the speed of data transfer without intermediaries, and provides access to cash assets in real time from anywhere in the world.

  • Transparency

Thanks to blockchain technology, a consolidated database of client information will be created. The entire history of transfers and payments, transactions with cryptocurrency, counterparty identification data, as well as details of smart contracts will be stored in a single data bank, encrypted and protected by cryptographic mechanisms. However, WBB bank customer will always have access to personal data on request.

  • Adaptability and innovation

WBB adapts to each client's needs, which is why it issues plastic cards familiar to everyone, which can be used for any purpose, from buying and paying for a cup of coffee to transferring an impressive amount of assets from different accounts in different currencies.

Features of World Bit Bank

  • Absolute trans boundaries
  • Cross-platform nature
  • Easy usage
  • Instantaneousness of transactions
  • Funds always under control of the client. The client's funds
  • Cannot be handled without the client's approval low or zero transaction charges
  • High security thanks to cryptography
  • API with open source code 
  • Full transparency of source and movement of funds between accounts
  • Authentication


The pre-ICO will raise a soft cap of 500 thousand Euros which will be more or less equal to 667.61 ETH. However, the hard cap is 25 Million Euros.

One Wibcoin (WBB) will have a value equivalent to 1 Euro. The soft and hard cap of the ICO corresponds to: 250 Million Euros and 500 Million Euros respectively. As soon as the ICO is over, the customers will have the opportunity to use the services offered by World Bit Bank.

For more information, please follow the links below: 

Website: https://wbb.io/

WhitePaper: https://bit.ly/2tEI1UH

Telegram: https://t.me/WBBCoin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WorldBitBank/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WorldBitBank

Medium: https://medium.com/@coinwbb

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3206437.0;topicseen

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